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Using your Navigation Computer to steer the Autopilot

Created: 12/12/2003
Modified: 04/19/2004


First, create a route in Navigator chart plotter. Next, turn on your Autopilot, and verify that the the course shown on the Autopilot display is safe to turn to. Press your Autopilot's Track button. Follow the instructions on your Autopilot screen.

The Autopilot will make continual adjustments to keep you on course. As you follow your route, you must verify that each segment of the route is safe for navigation. The Autopilot will sound a an arrival alarm as you reach each waypoint. When you have verified the next leg of the route, press the Autopilot's Track button to acknowledge the alarm and set course for the next waypoint.

Upon reaching the last waypoint, the Autopilot will sound the arrival alarm and will continue to steer the vessel in the same direction until you adjust your course.

For further instructions, consult your Autopilot user's manual.


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