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I can't seem to find any high-resolution, detailed charts.

Created: 12/12/2003
Modified: 04/19/2004


It sounds as though you have not installed Maptech coverage specifically for the area in question. Each Maptech nautical chart CD provides multiple scales of coverage in a given ChartKit Region. Often, the small-scale charts will cover not only the specific area you purchased, but will also extend beyond to areas for which you have not purchased detailed charts. You may be looking at such a location.

Press the Scale button at the lower right of the screen for a list of all chart scales available at your location. If the list is empty, no other scales are available.

If you have purchased additional coverage, see "Installing Charts" (in your Owner's Manual) for instructions for copying charts to your Navigation Computer. For information on obtaining additional Maptech charts, please call (888) 839-5551 or visit www.maptech.com.


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