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Contour Display Doesn't Look Right

Created: 12/23/2003
Modified: 12/23/2003


Contour Charts look washed out.


Improving the display of Contour charts
When Contour charts do not display properly, it is usually caused by either an improper video display setting, or an incompatibility with the video display driver currently in use on the system.

256 Color Mode is Not Supported
If your video display is set to 256 colors, the Contour charts will appear "washed out" or "really dark" (if you can see them at all.) To correct this, exit your navigation software, right-click on your Windows Desktop and choose "Properties". On the "Settings" tab, change your "Color Quality" to 16, 24, or 32-bit color. Press OK and restart your computer. This should correct any problems with the Contour display.

That didn't work, now what?
If the problem persists, it is probably due to an old or incompatible video display driver for your video display adaptor. Visit the web site of the manufacturer of your video display adaptor. Alternatively, you can visit the web site of your computer manufacturer. Here, download the latest video driver update for your particular video display adaptor. If you are unsure of your model, you can get that information from the Windows Control Panel.

Once you download the updated drivers for your video display adaptor, be sure to run them. Typically, you double-click on whatever file was downloaded. Refer to the website you downloaded these drivers from for specific instructions.

Also, try DirectX
Also, be sure to download and install the latest version of "DirectX" from Microsoft's website http://www.microsoft.com. This also contains critical updates that can affect your video display.

In short, you should expect exceptional detail and clarity from your Contour charts. If you are not, be sure that your video display is working properly and your drivers are up to date. Doing so will not only improve Contour's performance, but may also improve the display of other video-intensive applications, including games and other utilities.


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