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Differences between Offshore Navigator Lite and Offshore Navigator

Created: 03/22/2004
Modified: 11/15/2004


Differences between Offshore Navigator Lite and Offshore Navigator


Offshore Navigator Lite is a program included with a number of Maptech's international chart CDs.

It is useful for planning, printing and real-time GPS positioning on the PC screen.

It does not include the following tools that are in Maptech's full-featured Offshore Navigator software:

Track where you've been and convert tracks into routes for the return trip.

Instant Waypoints
Quickly create single "go to" waypoints. This tool is great when you’re underway and want to navigate to a single point without creating an entire route.

Named Waypoints
A Named Waypoint is a waypoint that can be used in multiple routes. Named Waypoints are handy for indicating locations that you visit often.

On Water Mode
One click takes you from the standard Windows planning interface to a simpler chartplotter interface.

Spherical Horizon View
This lets you look far ahead while displaying the immediate area in sharp focus. It would be similar to draping a paper chart over a beachball.

Autopilot Support
Offshore Navigator will generate NMEA 0183 sentences to steer your autopilot. After planning your trip at home, walk aboard, plug in your laptop, and let your autopilot follow your earlier instructions as you get underway. It doesn't get any easier. Note: An autopilot is not required to run Offshore Navigator

User-defined alarm zones
An alarm is an area you define on a chart. Offshore Navigator can warn you when your vessel enters or leaves that area.

Ships Log
The electronic Ship's Log lets you keep a record of your vessel position, course, speed and progress, and print this information for use as a paper reference. The data you collect may also be exported to a text file for electronic transfer or use in other programs.

Please see the Offshore Navigator product page to learn more about Offshore Navigator.


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