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Northstar 961 / 962 / 972 - Installing Maptech BSB4 Charts

Created: 05/11/2004
Modified: 04/05/2007


Important Note:
Northstar Version 5.02 (or greater) must be installed on the 961 / 962 / 972 to install Maptech BSB4 digital charts. Version 5.02 was released in March, 2004. If you have an earlier version, please contact your Northstar dealer or Northstar (978-897-6600) for upgrade information.

This PDF document is an addendum to the Northstar 962 operators manual and explains how to install BSB4 digital charts, including how to get the Installation ID for a 962. This process is very similar for other Northstar GPS Chartplotters, including the 961 and 972.

Please note that all 2007 chart editions produced by Maptech are now included on DVDs, as opposed to CD discs. At this time, it is our understanding that Northstar GPS Chartplotters are equipped with CD drives, and are unable to read our current library of DVD discs.

Northstar GPS Chartplotters are not compatible with the "BSB5 Chartbook Companion CDs" that are included with Maptech's popular line of printed ChartKits and Chartbooks.

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