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Installing BSB4 Charts on MaxSea

Created: 05/12/2005
Modified: 05/12/2005


The instructions below were provided by MaxSea. For additional info, please see the support section of www.furuno.com. While Maptech is happy to pass these instructions on to MaxSea customers, we do not guarantee their suitability or accuracy.

MaxSea's recommended BSB4 chart Installation process:
1.Place the disk titled BSB Charts in the CD/DVD drive. Either go to “My Computer” or “Explore,” access the BSBCHART folder. Copy this folder into “My Documents.” Then rename the folder from BSBCHART to the region, e.g. “Reg 9,” Reg 7,” etc. (Note: The user may create a folder titled “Maptech” or whatever the user wants and put all the BSB folders in that folder, still renaming them by region. This makes chart management much easier when new updates come out.)

2. Next, (in the root of the CD) double click on the "REGISTER" application. Follow the instructions to obtain an Activation Code.

3. Open MaxSea. Go to “File” on the menu, and then click on “Open Charts.” MaxSea will look in “My Documents” and find all the Maptech charts. Highlight Maptech/NDI, and then click “Open.”

In some regions, including inland waterways and lakes, MaxSea is unable to open some charts. If you receive an error message, you can delete the file to eliminate the error messages.

For additional info, please see the support section of www.furuno.com.


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