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InstallShield 16-Bit Compatibility Repair

Created: 05/18/2005
Modified: 12/19/2007


Repairs 'Can't run 16-bit Windows Program. Cannot find file...', '16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem', 'Virtual Device Driver', 'AUTOEXEC.NT or COMMAND.COM not suitable', and other errors.

For almost a decade, Maptech used InstallShield version 3.0 as the application of choice to deliver our software products. It is usually very reliable, and is by far the most widely used application for installing Windows software. However, there are some conditions under which that InstallShield may not operate correctly. This InstallShield Compatibility Repair application is designed to correct system problems which can cause these issues.

Before you begin, ensure that all open windows and applications have been closed. If you are running in a multi-user environment, ensure that the desired account is in-use and that sufficient privileges have been granted to perform installations.

Note: Most of Maptech's current products are using a different installation technology. These applications include Terrain Navigator Pro (8.0 or later), Terrain Navigator Pro Network Edition (8.0 or later), Chart Navigator Pro, The CAPN, Chartbook Companion CDs, and US Boating Charts DVDs. While there is no harm in running this Compatibility Repair before running the installer for these applications, it is most likely not necessary.

Basic Repairs
When a Basic Repair is selected, a number of tests and fixes are performed. These are designed to identify common system registry and file system compatibility issues, and will only correct those which will not cause other compatibility issues.

Basic Repair - Inspect Windows Registry
When 'Inspect Windows Registry' is selected, the following tests are performed:
- Application can write to Windows Registry.
- Application can read from Windows Registry.
- Application can delete items from Windows Registry.
- Short File Names are enabled on NTFS drives.
- Virtual Device Drivers settings are present.

Basic Repair - Inspect System Files
When 'Inspect System Files' is selected, the following tests are performed:
- Registry Editor exists.
- System file: CONFIG.NT exists.
- System file: AUTOEXEC.NT exists.
- System file: COMMAND.COM exists.
- Verifies file size of COMMAND.COM (Win XP only.)
- System application: RegSvr32 exists.

Advanced Repairs
The advanced repairs perform specific corrections that complement the basic repairs. However, by the nature of these repairs, there is a remote possibility that they may cause other applications to function erratically. Please use these repairs with caution - Maptech makes no warranty for the suitability or results of these actions. However, no Maptech customer has, to date, reported and difficulty with the Advanced Repairs. In fact, they are most likely to solve the most common incompatibilities with InstallShield.

It is suggested that the Basic Repairs be carried out first. If the Installation problem persists after the Basic Repairs have been performed and the system has been restarted, proceed with the Advanced Repairs.

Advanced Repair - Clean Temporary Files and Folders
This repair seeks out the various locations used for temporary system files and deletes any file or directory not currently in-use. Temporary files can usually be safely deleted, and are usually removed during normal system maintenance. However, excessive unused temporary files can cause InstallShield to fail to start, or produce an unexplained error.

Specifically, the following folders will be cleaned:
- As defined by the 'TEMP' environment variable.
- As defined by the 'TMP' environment variable.
- C:\Windows\Temp\ (or equivalent) if present.

Advanced Repair - Reset/Rebuild Virtual Device Drivers
If the setup application will not run because of a Virtual Device Driver (VDD) error, select one or both of these options. Resetting the Virtual Device Drivers will clear the system registry of all loaded drivers - bringing it back to the original state when Windows was initially installed. Rebuilding the Virtual Device Drivers clears the whole registry section and rebuilds the key, which will remove any possibility of corrupted values.

Advanced Repair - Rebuild System Files
If the setup application will not run because of a corrupt AUTOEXEC.NT or CONFIG.NT file, this repair will delete these system files, and replace them with the settings recommended by Microsoft, matching those that were in-place at the time the operating system was first installed.

Advanced Repair - Kill All Unnecessary Processes
On occasion, an unknown process will cause InstallShield to fail to launch altogether or otherwise interfere with its operation. Selecting this option will terminate all processes and applications currently in use. This includes virus protection and other system utilities.

Before choosing this repair, be sure to save all information in any open applications and close as many windows/applications as possible.

Once this repair has been completed, immediately run the Setup application that has been failing (in some cases it may start automatically.) Once that setup is complete, restart your computer as soon as possible. Otherwise, any virus protection or other system processes will remain inactive.

For Further Information
For the most part, the InstallShield Compatibility Repair application automates fixes that have been published by Microsoft Corporation for correcting incompatibilities with 16-Bit applications.
Relevant articles include:

Program Revisions
02/03/06 - 1.0 Release

How To Install
Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading files from the Internet, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save. Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded application that appears on your Desktop. This will run the InstallShield Compatibility Repair application. Once the repairs are completed, you may run the desired Maptech Setup application your and (once working) delete the download from your Desktop.

Please note: Do NOT save this utility in the same folder as your existing Maptech application or Setup application. Doing so will corrupt your installation, requiring a complete re-install to correct.

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For Microsoft Windows XP or Vista. Not recommended for Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT4.0/2000.


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