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Using the Chartbook Companion CD with non-Maptech navigation software

Created: 06/06/2005
Modified: 10/06/2006


BSB 5.0
Due to the nature of our agreement with NOAA, the charts included free as part of our Chartbook and ChartKit products (known as Chartbook Companion CDs) have been created in a new "BSB 5.0" format. For details on why this was done, along with an explanation of the different BSB formats, please see this technical document.

Compatible Maptech Applications and Systems
BSB 5.0/Chartbook Companion CD charts are compatible with most currently-produced editions of our software applications. If your software version is older, please visit the downloads section of maptech.com for a free update.
- Offshore Navigator (version 5.06 or later)
- Offshore Navigator Lite (version 5.06 or later)
- Chart Navigator (version 5.06 or later)
- Sea Ray Navigator (version 2.5 or later)
- i3 Navigation Computers (version 2.5 or later)
- Pocket Navigator (version 5.1 or later)
- The CAPN (version 8.3.17 or later)

Using Chartbook Companion CDs with Nobeltec, MaxSea, Northstar 961 GPSs units, and other non-Maptech navigation software
Maptech makes available to all developers a Software Development Kit. This allows programmers to easily modify their applications to support the various formats of Maptech charts and maps, including the new BSB 5.0 charts included on the Chartbook Companion CDs. While Maptech can not implement the necessary changes for these developers ourselves, we remain available and committed to assist them in making these changes.

Please feel free to contact the developer of your navigation software directly to inquire about the availability of BSB 5.0 support in their products. In the meanwhile, we invite you to take advantage of the Offshore Navigator Lite software included with your free Chartbook Companion CD as it offers many features similar to those found in other navigation software products.


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