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Correction to German Chart 1084 (included with Maptech MEDCD08; Editions 1.0 and 4.0)

Created: 08/02/2005
Modified: 11/09/2006

Chart Correction
Please be advised that Maptech/BSB format raster chart G1084, HÄFEN UND ANKERPLÄTZE AN DER WESTKÜSTE DER TÜRKEI BLATT 1, included with MEDCD08 Editions 1.0 and 4.0, includes some insets that incorrectly display geographical positions.

This download contains the corrected edition of chart G1084, and should be used in place of the chart found on Maptech's MEDCD08.

How To Install
Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading and applying software patches, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save.

Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded application that appears on your Desktop. This will extract the corrected chart to your chart folder. Please note that the default chart location will be chosen; customers who have elected to install their charts in a different location will need to specify the correct folder to extract this chart into.

Please note: Do NOT save this update on top of your existing Maptech application. Doing so will corrupt your installation, requiring a complete re-install to correct.

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  3.89 MB 
 Correction for: Editions 1.0 and 4.0 
Requires an installation of Offshore Navigator, Offshore Navigator Lite, Chart Navigator, or other compatable navigation software (including Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite.)


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