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Adjusting Autopilot NMEA Output strings

Created: 01/05/2006
Modified: 01/05/2006


Configurable NMEA Output
Maptech Navigation Computers are capable of transmitting a wide variety of NMEA sentences to other devices, such as AutoPilots. However, since not all strings can be generated at once, some programming is required in order to set the desired output parameters.

Contact a Maptech Customer Service Representative
Before continuing, you must contact a Maptech Technical Support Specialist for access to the system Administration panel of your Navigation Computer. Without the 'daily code', you can not proceed.

Customer Service can be reached at 978-792-1035 - and is available from 9-5 EST, 7 days a week. Extended hours may be offered on the weekends.

You will also need to attach the Keyboard included in your "Owner's Kit." Simply attach the keyboard to the USB plug that should be mounted nearby the Navigation Computer.

Accessing the Control Panel
Once the Keyboard has been attached, power up the Navigation Computer. When the "NavPanel" (the screen with the 6 large buttons) is showing, tap the Maptech logo that appears in the lower right-hand corner. Type in the daily code that was provided by the Technical Support Specialist, then press OK.

On the Administration screen, Press 'Run', then 'Regedit'.

Editing the System Registry
Note: The system registry is extremely delicate. Take care to follow these directions closely. If need be, call a Maptech Technical Support Specialist to assist you with this process.

The Registry Editor consists of two windows, one on the left and one on the right. On the left side, the window consists of a series of folders. Tapping on the + or - to the left of each folder will open or close its contents. There is also a scroll bar that can be used to scroll through the list once it grows larger than the window.

Using the + or - boxes to the left of each folder, expand the folder tree such that you have opened the following folders:

Thus, the SRN folder should be 'highlighted' in blue.

Adding the Desired NMEA Strings
On the right hand side, you will see a set of Names. Use the scroll bar to the far right to scroll through the names until you locate 'AutoPilotStrings.' Tap once on the word 'AutoPilotStrings' then from the Edit menu in the upper left hand corner, tap on Modify.

An 'Edit String' window will appear. Here you will see a list of the Value data - the NMEA Strings currently being sent from the Navigation Computer. By default, these strings should appear as:

Now, tap once in the highlighted Value data area, then use the Keyboard to add or subtract any NMEA sentences you wish the Navigation Computer to transmit to other NMEA devices. For example, if your autopilot requires an RMB string to operate properly, modify the Value data such that it reads:

Be careful not to add too many NMEA sentences, as it will overload the NMEA bus. Also, be sure that each desired NMEA sentence is separated by a space in the Value data.

Once satisfied, tap on OK, then tap X that is shown in the upper right hand corner of the Registry Editor. This saves your changes.

You're Done!
The Autopilot output for your Navigation Computer should now be complete with the proper sentences being transmitted. If the process didn't seem to work, please feel free to speak with one of our Technical Support Specialists at 978-792-1035.


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