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The CAPN: Version 7.5.03 - 04/29/04 Software Update

Created: 05/18/2006
Modified: 05/14/2007

The CAPN Update
This download is for customers with The CAPN whose version is earlier than 8.0 - and require the most reliable edition of the 7.x software. As chronicled below, there are a large number of improvements and fixes that have been added to The CAPN since the 7.0 release over 5 years ago.

Version 8.3 is Available
The current version of The CAPN is 8.3 and is available to customers as an upgrade for $199.95. Please call Maptech at 888-839-5551 for availability. DO NOT Install this update on top of version 8.0 (or later) of The CAPN - doing so will corrupt your installation.

Registration May be Required
Starting with version 7.4 of The CAPN, we asked that customers register their software before use. This process requires an activation code to 'unlock' the software for continued use. If you install this update on top of a version that did not require registration, you will be prompted to register. To register, please call Maptech at 888-839-5551.

How To Install
Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading and applying software patches, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save. Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded application that appears on your Desktop. This will apply the download to your Maptech installation. Once that process is completed, you may run your Maptech application and (once working) delete the download from your Desktop.

Please note: Do NOT save this update on top of your existing CAPN application. Doing so will corrupt your installation, requiring a complete re-install to correct.

Release Notes
Version 7.5.03 - 29 July 2004
- Support for very small symbols and text when a user places a mark.
- Modified telephone numbers to support the move of administrative and shipping functions to IMAPS Group.

Version 7.5.00 - 02 Feb 2004
- Added support for new BSB Version 4 encrypted charts distributed by Maptech and NDI.
- Fixed obscure problem with finding charts on systems that contained only one chart folder.

Version 7.4.10 - 16 Oct 2003
- Updated setup program so that a critical Microsoft file is installed if missing from the user's XP system.

Version 7.4.09 - 15 Sep 2003- Display of plotting sheet (No Chart Available) modified to show a more pleasant tan color, rather than the original white.

Version 7.4.08 - 21 Aug 2003
- Updated Mosaic to handle additional information from Navy ASW system.

Version 7.4.07 - 12 Aug 2003
- Added non-toll free telephone number to registration screen for customers outside the United States.

Version 7.4.06 - 22 July 2003
- Special release for Navy Anti Submarine Warfare version of Capn Mosaic.
- Added automatic DR mode if ship loses GPS position while plotting targets.
- Modified "Steer To Off" routine so that the user can be creating a route and turn off the
steer to without losing his Add Wpt cursor.
- Modified code to make sure the User Nav Console can be seen when Capn Mosaic is next run, even if you move the console off screen.

Version 7.4.05 - 09 July 2003
- Tide and current station information updated.

Version 7.4.04 - 11 June 2003- New version for Navy anti-sub warfare use only.

Version 7.4.03 - 09 June 2003
- Fixed problem with version control of the DNC_Create_Chart_Files program distributed to U.S. military users.

Version 7.4.02 - 13 May 2003
- Modified marks import from text file to honor line feeds for the notes.
- Repaired problem with DNC under old versions of Windows NT.

Version 7.4.01 - 30 Apr 2003
- Added chart production support for IMAPS DNC.
- Added additional functionality to Capn Mosaic's support for PDA remote applications, such as zCapn. zCapn now receives steering info, and can change between Nav Mode
and Plan Mode.
- zCapn Version 1.2.2 now has two tabs, one to display the chart, and the other to display the steering information, such as bearing to waypoint, time to go, VMG, etc.
- Fixed minor problem with marks, whereby editing a mark's position would result in a "ghost" mark on the display.

Version 7.4.00 - 31 Mar 2003
- First official version that provides support for zCapn PDA software. When your Capn Mosaic computer is connected to your Windows CE or Xenix hand held computer via a wireless network, a miniature version of the Capn display is shown on the handheld display.

Version 7.3.30 - 10 Mar 2003
- Modified chart database module to fix a problem with some Maptech charts, where the chart's reference point list does not match Maptech's technical documentation. The module also now throws out a reference point if it specifies 0.0 N, 0.0 W
- Added "Steer Here" and "MOB" options to the Capn's Chart Server for PDAs.
- Made the Zoom by Distance selection window honor your preference for distance (NM, SM, KM).
- Modified alarm feature when ship is inside a zone. If you deleted the "Inside" style zone while the ship was inside, the "leaving zone" message would be triggered by mistake.

Version 7.3.29 - 12 Feb 2003
- At the request of fishermen who use tracks extensively, added the ability to minimize the Display Tracks window.

Version 7.3.28 - 10 Feb 2003
- Added "Remove Photo" to right click marks menu.
- Install program modified to add Test GPS options to the Start->Programs-Capn Mosaic Windows menu.

Version 7.3.27 - 06 Feb 2003
- Added text file export option for tracks so that you can import Capn tracks into other applications.

Version 7.3.26 - 03 Feb 2003
- Added "Right Click" to the list of see through buttons if you select Right Click Mode from Charting Preferences. This mode is for folks who use a touch screen, or a single button mouse. When you click the button, your next left click (or touch) is seen as a right mouse click by the Capn, thus allowing you to use the right click pop up charting menus.
- Added pie-shaped graphics object, similar to a circle, used for specialized applications, such as showing the sector being scanned by a Navy ASW sonar system.

Version 7.3.25 - 22 Jan 2003
- Added support for Maptech BSB style charts that are not referenced to WGS84 datum. Such charts part of Maptech's non-US inventory.

Version 7.3.24 - 16 Jan 2003
- Modified Waypoint List window so that the proper note always appears for the selected waypoint.

Version 7.3.23 - 09 Jan 2003
- Modified routines that place a check mark next to Mark options when you pick the option. Check marks were not always being displayed under Windows XP.
- Fixed problem caused by exiting the program when DR Mode is turned on.

Version 7.3.22 - 08 Jan 2003
- Additional development work on DNC data. Capn now displays special point symbols within such areas as anchorages.
- Fixed problem in Capn Classic whereby user could not call up the "Edit" window while in the marks list. (Capn Classic Version now 6.3.3)

Version 7.3.21 - 30 Dec 2002
- The Microsoft calendar control that has been used by Capn products for the past four years now seems to cause problems for some users, based on the mix of software installed on their computers. Capn Mosaic and the Tide and Current modules now use a different type of date picking control.
- For DNC vector chart option -- Added ability for you to specify multipliers to determine the size of point, line and text objects.

Version 7.3.20 - 27 Dec 2002
- Additional customizations to data files so that NIMA DNC vector charts appear more like standard NOAA paper charts in terms of symbology.

Version 7.3.19 - 19 Dec 2002
- Capn Mosaic's web support module can now serve up BMP as well as GIF image files to applications requesting chart imagery.
- Fixed obsure problem with the detection of a new chart CD being inserted into the CD Player.

Version 7.3.18 - 19 Dec 2002
- Under some conditions, Capn Mosaic was showing two North arrows on each chart window when in split screen mode.
- Based on customer feed back, Mosaic now "remembers" if you had two chart windows open, and the state of Course Up for each window.
- Changing from Nav Mode to Plan Mode and back (see version 7.3.13 on 01 Dec 2002). If you did not have GPS input, toggling Nav Mode would place you at the equator because the ship's position was 0 N, 0 W. The routine now makes sure you have GPS position before checking on a jump to an improperly scaled chart view.

Version 7.3.17 - 18 Dec 2002
- Capn Mosaic now remembers the last position and size of your Capn Video window.

Version 7.3.16 - 16 Dec 2002
- For DNC vector chart option, added NTM number and issue date, plus projection to chart info. Also fixed problem with some text attributes, such as italic underline.

Version 7.3.15 - 12 Dec 2002
- If you have the DNC vector chart option, this version allows you to modify how text labels are displayed for all objects, such as buoys, place names, etc.

Version 7.3.14 - 09 Nov 2002
- Structure of Capn DNC chart files modified to better support customization how NIMA data is displayed.

Version 7.3.13 - 01 Dec 2002
- Modified Mark Export list so that user can accurately sort on the distance field.
- Changed the priority of user-drawn objects. Now, if a mark is over a track line, the Marks popup menu will appear when you right click, instead of the Track popup menu.
- Modified the routine that toggles Nav Mode to make sure that when you go into Plan Mode and move from a very small scale offshore chart onto a very large scale harbor chart, then go back into Nav Mode, there will be a chart shown at the ship's position. (You were at a display scale of 1:5,000, the only chart at the ship is 1:1,200,000; thus the chart could not be shown at a display scale of 1:5,000. We now change the display scale to match the chart at the ship.)
- First version where DNC objects, such as buoys, etc. can be customized. This requires that all customers who now use the DNC option must run the DNC_Create_Charts program found in the Capn folder to rebuild their Capn DNC files. (Our sample DNC17 files have already been rebuilt.)

Version 7.3.12 - 12 Nov 2002
- Added the spacebar as a keyboard shortcut to suspend or resume alarm and information sounds.
- We now save the most recent screen position for the photo transparency slider window so that the control will always appear where you wants it.
- Modified ship's track routine so that you can now edit the track's name at the end of a very long trip. (Right click on track, select Track Info)

Version 7.3.11 - 07 Nov 2002
- Modified Zoom Out module to allow greater flexibility, plus added message that alerts you when you have reached the maximum Zoom Out level, as specified in the Options sub menu that appears when you right click over the chart window.
- Added a new option called "Confirm Chart List upon Start" under Options->Charting Preferences. If you check off this option, we will scan your raster chart folders to detect if any files have been added, removed or updated. If we detect such an event, we rebuild our chart data dictionary file for the particular path. Of course, you can always force such a rebuild by going to Charts->Set or Refresh Chart Paths and then clicking the
"Save List" button. We only scan the paths found in the text file Chart_Paths_Mosaic.

Version 7.3.10 - 06 Nov 2002
- Modified chart data dictionary to handle change in Maptech policy regarding charts that span the dateline, such as US Chart 530.

Version 7.3.09 - 05 Nov 2002
- Routine that saves your most recent chart position and view scale now checks to make sure that the position is valid.

Version 7.3.08 - 01 Nov 2002
- Numerous enhancements made to the visibility of DNC vector chart text and marks by changing the default values supplied by National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
- Adjustment made to vector chart safety depth alarm feature; "non-dangerous" objects now checked to make sure they do not violate the ship's minimum safety depth.

Version 7.3.07 - 29 Oct 2002
- DNC Option . . . Added additional items to the look ahead alarm for the ship's minimum safety depth. The new items include underwater hazards, reefs, rocks, wrecks, pilings, and platforms.
- The first release of our DNC vector chart option looked for depth areas, depth curves, and spot soundings.

Version 7.3.06 - 18 Oct 2002
- Minor internal modifications to enhance technical support.

Version 7.3.05 - 18 Oct 2002
- Added look-ahead option to ship minimum safety depth for Capn's optional Digital Nautical Chart vector data support.

Version 7.3.04 - 15 Oct 2002
- Initial version for our option that supports the Digital Nautical Chart (DNC) vector data produced by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency.

Version 7.3.03 - 25 Sept 2002
- Modified waypoint list window and printed report so that all speed/distance/time calculations honor the user's choice for nm, sm, or km. (per Charting Preferences)

Version 7.3.00 - 17 Sep 2002
- Moved the Option menu items "Night Colors", "Adjust Night Colors" and "Set Intensity" to a new fly out menu called "Day & Night Visibility", so we could add a new visibility option called "Hi Bright Daytime Controls" without making the main Options menu too long. High Bright Daytime Controls turns the normal gray background of labels and buttons to dark blue, and changes the text to white. This makes it easier to see the information when in high sunlight and glare conditions.
- Added route "Send To" support for the ZNav program, which uses SoftCharts and runs on the Sharp Zaurus PDA.
- Modified the Nav Aids query to alert customer if there are no nav aids within 12 miles of mouse or ship position, and suggest that customer select another light list region.
- The installation program now checks for the existence of Windows Media Player. If it not installed, we run one of two Windows Media Player setups, one for Win 95 and NT 4, the other for Windows 98 on up.

Version 7.2.25 - 15 Aug 2002
- Updated the links for several weather WEB pages whose URL's were changed by the Navy.

Version 7.2.24 - 11 Aug 2002
- Added transparent "buttons" that are displayed when you decide to hide the full button bar by clicking "Hide Buttons" in the upper right corner.
- You can chose the foreground and background colors for the new transparent command buttons, as well as the font, size and style of the button text. You can also tell Capn Mosaic to not display these new buttons when you elect to hide the large button bar. (See Options->Preferences->Advanced Settings)
- Also, we now include two free sample routes from our popular Northeast and ICW cruising guides, produced by retired Navy Cmdr. Wayne Strausbaugh. These guides provide invaluable information about navigating and cruising the east coast from Maine to Key West. Folks who use these optional Cruising Guides have nothing but praise for Wayne's work.
- Along with the routes, we've also installed a few extra sample charts so you can see how the routes work.

Version 7.2.20 - 01 July 2002
- If you are using the Adjust View Distance window when you shut down Mosaic, we will remember the window's size and placement and will restore the window the next time you launch Capn Mosaic.

Version 7.2.19 - 28 June 2002
- We modified the panning options so you can enable or disable chart view panning. The option is turned OFF by default. (See Options->Preferences->Advanced Settings to enable chart view panning.)
- We modified the standard centering cursor to be more visible over dark backgrounds.

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Windows 2000 or XP. Must be installed over existing copy of The CAPN. Do not install over version 8.0 (or later) of The CAPN.


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