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What's New in Navigator software 3.0

Created: 06/29/2006


Here’s what’s new in Navigator version 3.0:

Home Planning Edition
A version of Navigator that you can install on your home computer, so that you can plan cruises and review past excursions in the comfort of your home. The Home Planning Edition comes with a removable USB drive, designed to let you carry routes, waypoints, and tracks between your home computer and the Navigation Computer on board your boat. Attach the drive to your home computer, and Navigator will load it with any new routes, etc. that you have created. Take the drive to your vessel and plug it into the USB port on the dash, and your routes will be available for use on your Navigation Computer.

If you’re new to your Navigation Computer, the Home Planning Edition also provides the valuable opportunity to get familiar with all the system features without even boarding your vessel.

The Home Planning Edition and accompanying removable drive are delivered to all registered customers with "Model 312" or "Model 315" Navigation Computers—call Maptech at (888) 839-5551 to register. Customers with "Type II" Navigation Computers may purchase the Home Planning Edition for $299.99 by calling (888) 839-5551. The Home Planning Edition is not available for customers with "Type I" Navigation Computers.

Smoother Tracking Between Sessions
If you were recording a track when you last shut down your Navigation Computer, it will automatically append to that track the next time you start up the chart plotter.

Backtracking Command
When recording your vessel’s track , you can choose at any time to reverse direction and backtrack along the path you traveled. Touch Go To, Back Track and the Navigator will create a route to guide you along the recorded track, back to the beginning of the recording.

Converting Tracks into Routes
The chart plotter can now automatically create a route based on any track you have previously recorded. The new route can be used as a guide for navigating along the same path of travel.

Waypoint Arrival Alarm Adjustment
Touch Setup, Waypoints, Arrival Alarm to specify the distance at which the Navigation Computer should sound the arrival alarm as you achieve each waypoint in your route. You can also opt to turn the alarm off.

Efficient Management of Routes, Marks and Tracks
Control of these overlays is centralized under the Setup button. Use the Setup button to view complete lists of your routes, marks, and tracks, and rename, delete, or create new overlays by typing latitude and longitude.

Camera/DVD Video Feed
The Navigation Computer can accept video signals from a DVD player or video camera installed on your vessel. When your vessel isn’t in motion, the camera view or DVD output may be viewed directly on the system's touch screen. (Please note that this option is not availble on "Type I" or "Type II" Navigation Computers.)

Enhancements to Radar Display
Routes are now shown on the screen in Radar Only mode. (In Radar Only mode, the radar data is shown by itself instead of being superimposed atop a nautical chart.)

The radar display may now be split with the Sonar/Fishfinder display, so that you can see both views on the screen at once.

In addition, if your vessel is equipped with an additional Navigation Computer, you can now view radar data on both the primary and auxiliary computer stations.

Tide/Current/Photo Icons May be Hidden from View
You can control whether or not to include tide or current station icons, or aerial photo icons, on the chart display. Touch Setup, Overlays to set show/hide settings for each of these overlay types.


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