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Differences Between 'Chart Navigator Pro' and 'Chart Navigator Light'

Created: 07/03/2006
Modified: 12/05/2006


Maptech's German partner, NV-Verlag (www.nv-verlag.de) has elected to distribute 'Chart Navigator Light' with the CDs included with its Region 9, 10, and 11 ChartKit books. This software can be used to view the 'Companion CD' of digital charts that accompany the books.

Maptech offers Chart Navigator Pro as its flagship product for PC-based digital navigation. The following features are present in Chart Navigator Pro, but are not found in Chart Navigator Light:
- Recorded tracks (vessel tracking.)
- Transfer of waypoints and routes to/from popular handheld GPS units.
- Integration of NMEA instruments, including: AIS Receivers, Autopilots, and transducers (other than GPS.)
- Ability to download and display current weather predictions.
- Ability to display S57 "vector" charts.

For more information, please see the following chart:

Instructions and Documentation
Please note that the electronic documentation (manuals, help pages, etc.) included with Chart Navigator Light were designed for use with Chart Navigator Pro. As such, there will be references to features found exclusively in Chart Navigator Pro (and not in Chart Navigator Light.) For more information about Chart Navigator Pro (and its advanced features) please click here.


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