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Florida (1st Edition)

Created: 07/18/2006
Modified: 06/27/2007


Corrections and Additions for Embassy Cruising Guide: Florida (First Edition)


New Edition Available!
Please note that the 2nd Edition is now available for the Florida Embassy Guide. With each new edition, we painstakingly review all entries for accuracy. Thus, for these and hundreds of corrections and additions, please contact your local Maptech dealer to purchase your new Embassy Guide today.

Boaters navigating Florida waters in spring and summer of 2006 should use extraordinary caution due to risk of submerged hazards, shoaling, and missing/off location aids to navigation—all due to the numerous strong hurricanes which crossed the state in 2004/2005. Many landside facilities suffered extensive damage and may not reopen for business quickly. Whenever possible, call ahead to confirm your planned destination facilities will meet your needs and that you can safely transit the region on the waterways.

The damage from Hurricane Katrina is extensive, particularly along the Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana coasts. Mariners should be aware that aids to navigation in these areas and on structures in the Gulf of Mexico may have been damaged or destroyed. Lighted and unlighted buoys may have been moved from charted position, damaged, sunk, extinguished, or otherwise made inoperative. Mariners should not rely completely upon the position or operation of an aid to navigation, but should also employ other methods of determining position as may be available. Wrecks and submerged obstructions may have been moved from charted locations and pipelines may become uncovered or moved due to the force of storm surges. Mariners should exercise caution and report aid to navigation discrepancies and hazards to navigation to the nearest Coast Guard unit.

Bridge Openings
Bridge opening schedules in Florida are constantly under review by the U.S. Coast Guard and regional authorities. Known changes to the Bridge Table on pages 488 – 494 include:

Caloosahatchee River Bridge (SR 29), Okeechobee Waterway, mile 103 at Labelle will open on demand except between the hours of 7 – 9 a.m. and 4 – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday (except Federal holidays).

The Palm Beach County bridges across the ICW in Palm Beach County, FL, will open twice and hour with the exception of the Boca Club, Camino Real bridge at ICW mile 1048.2 at Boca Raton. This bridge will open three times an hour: at the top of the hour, 20 minutes after the hour, and 40 minutes after the hour. The remaining 13 bridges will open either at the top of the hour and 30 minutes after the hour, or, twenty minutes after the hour and forty minutes after the hour. The opening schedule may also be restricted during rush hour traffic mornings and evenings. Contact the regional Coast Guard office (561) 844-5030 or the individual bridge tenders (VHF 09) for a detailed schedule.

Location Errata
In our Maptech Dive Guide & Fish Finder table on page 113, two locations are listed incorrectly. The correct latitude for Two Bridges Reef is N 27 30.45. The Fort Pierce Fish Haven is located at N 27 29.93 W 80 16.43.

Fort Lauderdale and Dania
Summerfield Boat Works on the New River in Fort Lauderdale is gone…sorta. New owners (with a new name – Pier Seventeen Marina and Yacht Club) have plans for a mega-yacht marina but the permitting process had not been completed as of late December, 2005. In the interim, owners of less than mega-yachts will still find limited transient dockage and an active boatyard which does allow for do-it-yourself repairs and service work by outside contractors. Some of the information listed for Summerfield Boat Works in the Marine Facilities and Services table on page 183 will no longer accurate. Call (954) 525-0174 for the latest status and availability.

Long Key to Marathon and Boca Chica Key
The Marine Facilities and Services Table on page 269 lists one facility incorrectly. Knights Key Campground & Marina should be #24. The numbered icon (24) for the facility is missing from Chartlet D Boot Key Harbor on page 266 and should be shown in the small inlet/basin on the south side of Knight Key.

Florida Bay to Marco Island, Naples, and Fort Myers Beach
The Marine Facilities and Services Table on page 311 includes Wiggins Pass Marina (#3) under the Wiggins Pass heading. The marina, like so many waterfront properties in Florida, has been replaced by condominiums with private dockage.

Lemon Bay to Sarasota and Bradenton
Again, marinas and marine services have been displaced by expensive residences. Included in this stretch of nautical real estate from the Marine Facilities and Services Table on page 371 are: Cove Sound Moorings and Leverock’s Seafood House at Bradenton Beach; Boca Del Rio Marina at the Manatee River entrance; and Island Marine and Holmes Beach Marina on Anna Maria Island…all gone.

Carrabelle to Apalachicola and Panama City
Boaters seeking to anchor in the lee of Shell Island, just inside the deep pass leading to St. Andrews Bay and Panama City, should note a change in the buoy numbers cited in the text on the lower left side of page 438. To reach the popular anchorage and snorkeling grounds, turn to the east after passing midway between Fl R 4s R “10” and Fl R 2.5s R “12” to avoid the charted rocks near R “10.” The correct buoy numbering is shown on Chartlet J St. Andrews Bay (page 453) as well as in Maptech’s Chartkit for Florida West Coast and the Keys, Region Eight/12th edition, and on NOAA chart 11389 33rd edition, July/05.


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