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Long Island Sound to Cape May (10th Edition)

Created: 07/18/2006
Modified: 12/05/2006


Corrections and Additions for Embassy Cruising Guide: Long Island Sound to Cape May (10th Edition)


New York Harbor
The events of September 11, 2001, forever changed the United States and New York City. Caught up in the midst of that horrific day was the North Cove Yacht Harbor along Manhattan’s lower west side. Situated only a block from the site of the World Trade Center towers, the marina became a working arena for rescue vessels in the hours and weeks which followed. Without its regular tenants and visiting yachts, the facility eventually fell into disrepair and the marina’s operators defaulted on their lease.

First, the Manhattan Sailing School came back to North Cove Yacht Harbor in the spring of 2002, flying American flags from the forestays of their fleet of instructional J-boats. And now a new management group led by America’s Cup champion Dennis Connor has taken over the lease with plans in place to attract mega-yachts as well as smaller cruising vessels. While there are no shoreside bathroom and shower facilities, the location provides access to all that New York City has to offer within a short walk from the quay. For availability of berthing space and the latest news of the ongoing changes at The North Cove, call (212) 786-1200 or see www.thenorthcove.com.

Security remains a high priority, particularly in the New York Harbor region. Permanent security zones exist in the vicinity of all piers, cruise ships docks, the United Nations Building, and bridge structures. For the latest information on these restrictions, boaters should contact the U.S. Coast Guard at (718) 354-4191 or see www.uscgnewyork.com.

For users of our LIS 9th edition, all references to the Coast Guard facility at Fort Totten should be changed to Kings Point. The contact phone remains the same but the base has been relocated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy on the west side of Kings Point.

City Island & Eastchester Bay
The new phone number for the newly re-opened IGA market on City Island Avenue is (718) 885-3400.

On page 71 we describe the anchorage east of City Island as “City Harbor, also known as Hart Island Roads…” That body of protected water is correctly identified as “City Harbor” on the harbor chart on page 66 (as well as NOAA chart 12366).

Troy, NY (Hudson River)
The Troy Town Dock & Marina is now known as "Troy Dock." The new phone number is 518-272-6291 and e-mail is: troydock@earthlink.net.

Western, Central, and Eastern Connecticut Coast
Heavy rains across New England in October of 2005, spawned by the remnants of hurricanes which battered the southern states, created more than just lousy weather for boaters in the region. Massive amounts of debris, including huge trees and building materials, roared down the regional rivers toward Long Island Sound in the runoff rain, taking with it many docks and pilings. Be sure to check with your favorite river stops, particularly on the Connecticut and Thames Rivers, when the spring boating season opens to be sure they’re back in operation with the facilities and services you require.

Expanded "No Discharge" Zones
Department of Environmental Protection changes during 2006 expanded the no-discharge zone to cover coastal waters between Groton and Guilford (in addition to the navigable river waters from the Thames River to East and West rivers in Guilford).
These new rules expand the zone 35 miles beyond Eastern Point in Groton.

Stamford Harbor & Westcott Cove
On page 100 in the “Caution” paragraph and again on page 101, under the heading of Westcott Cove, the nav aid FL R 2.5s R “32” (note “2.5s”) had been previously charted as a six-second flashing red light. Page 26 of the Maptech Region 3 Chartkit 12th Edition is no longer up to date for this buoy. The most current chart for the region is NOAA 12364 36th edition, corrected to 6/2005.

New Haven Harbor
The Dock Side Market & Deli has become a ship’s store at the Oyster Point Marina.

Old Saybrook & Old Lyme
Under the “Restaurants and Provisions” information in the LIS 9th edition, the Saybrook Fish House has been replaced by a new brand facility, a new owner—NBA All-Star Vinnie Baker (an Old Saybrook native), and a new name: Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House. The phone number listed did not change. Vinnie’s opened for business in early December, 2005.

Noank & the Mystic Harbor Entrance
Cruisers should note that the entire Mystic River became a “no discharge” zone as of August, 2005. Convenient pumpout locations are listed on pages 36 – 37 of the current Long Island Sound guide.

On page 244 in the “Caution” section, it should be noted that the 680-foot breakwater…still not charted by NOAA…has been built up to some nine feet above the water and should present a bold picture both visually and on radar despite the lack of chart detail. Inside the breakwater in the protected harbor is Spicer’s Noank Marina and an expansive marine chandlery which rivals the national chain stores.

Mystic Harbor
The West Marine store cited on page 247 in LIS 9th edition is not across the street from Mystic Seaport. More accurately, it’s located near the Mystic Maritime Aquarium and closer to I-95…a short drive but not walking distance from the marinas at Mystic.

The Mystic Marina (#20) listed in the Marine Facilities and Services table on page 245 and again on page 252 in the 9th edition is no longer. Five multi-million dollar estates are planned for the land with private docks.

Block Island
Visitors arriving at Block Island’s Old Harbor (where the ferry ties up) for the first time since 2005 may be surprised to see new marina on the eastern corner. Ballard’s has expanded its resort facilities to include facilities for cruisers with a new breakwater protecting the docks.

A major expansion of Champlin’s Marina on Great Salt Pond was also planned for 2006…pending approval of permits.

Atlantic City to Cape May (9th edition pages 456 – 457)
At the bottom of page 456, right side, we mention “winding through Broad Thorofare…” (at New Jersey ICW Mile 75.3 to Mile 78.2). This previously closed route allows boaters to avoid the 25-foot bridge restriction approaching the north side of Great Egg Harbor Inlet, if southbound.

The channel in the thorofare has been dredged and ICW markers added to the route. Whereas the markers were previously discontinued at G “231,” they now continue with a Q G 15ft 3M “233” at the northern end of Broad Thorofare and conclude with G C “251” off Anchorage Point (south of the 65-foot fixed bridge at Great Egg). The next series of ICW markers southbound begin with C G “1” as the inland route heads toward the bascule bridge and marine facilities at Somers Point. Page 59 of the Maptech Region 3 Chartkit 12th Edition and Charlet AA “Inside Thorofare to Margate City” on page 492 of the Embassy guide 9th edition are no longer accurate for this passage. Use LIS 10th edition or NOAA chart 12316 32nd edition, March/05 for this region.

Derecktor Florida Shipyard
On page nine of Embassy Cruising Guide Long Island Sound to Cape May, NJ, 10th Edition, the photo of the Derecktor Florida Shipyard is incorrect. The correct photo is seen below. The Florida facility is located at Dania, FL., and can accommodate vessels up to 184 feet in length.


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