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New England Coast (6th Edition)

Created: 07/18/2006
Modified: 06/27/2007


Corrections and Additions for Embassy Cruising Guide: New England Coast (6th Edition)


New Edition Available!
Please note that the 7th Edition is now available for the New England Coast Embassy Guide. With each new edition, we painstakingly review all entries for accuracy. Thus, for these and hundreds of corrections and additions, please contact your local Maptech dealer to purchase your new Embassy Guide today.

General Errata
On page 248, right column, we say, “Sailboats or low-powered vessels are required to time their passage to correspond with slack or fair currents.” The proper description should be “vessels are advised to time their passage to correspond with slack or fair currents.”

Block Island (also noted in Long Island Sound guide)
Visitors arriving at Block Island’s Old Harbor (where the ferries tie up) for the first time since 2005 may be surprised to see a new marina on the eastern corner of the basin. Ballard’s has expanded its resort facilities to include facilities for cruisers with a new breakwater protecting the docks.

On page 235 of the Embassy Cruising Guide - New England Coast (6th edition), the text refers to contacting the harbormaster to pick up a mooring. The available moorings in Provincetown Harbor are managed by Flyers Boat Shop & Rentals and the Provincetown Marina (which also has slips). Only the privately-owned moorings in the area are managed by the harbormaster.


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