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2h. Using Handheld GPSs to transfer Routes from The CAPN

Created: 08/04/2006
Modified: 06/21/2007


Electronics Hookup and Configuration: GPX files and EasyGPS


In order to make The CAPN fully compatible with AIS receivers, the previous functions available for transferring routes to a handheld GPS needed to be abandoned. Truthfully, more and more of our customers are using The CAPN on commercial vessels, where AIS is a requirement - and route transfer is not.

Version 8.3.17 or Later
Starting with version 8.3.17, (available for free download) The CAPN now supports route storage in GPX format. This format is used by a wide variety of applications that can act as a "bridge" between The CAPN and the GPS.

To Export Routes from The CAPN into GPX:
1. Choose "Display or Export Routes" from the Routes Menu.
2. Press "Export all routes as GPX files."
3. Assuming The CAPN is installed in the default folder location, the routes will be in the following folder:
C:\Capn Voyager\Routes_In_GPX_Format\Exported on [today's date]

There are many applications that now support the GPX format. One we like the best (and its absolutely free) is EasyGPS - and available for free download at www.easygps.com. In EasyGPS (or other similar application) open the GPX file found in the folder described above, then transfer it to your GPS.

Garmin MapSource
Garmin's MapSource is also often used to transfer GPX files to its family of GPS receivers. Garmin MapSource can read .GPX files generated by The CAPN version 8.3.19 or later and transfer these routes to their family of popular GPS units.

Other GPX Applications
Here are a few other applications that support the GPX format and may be used in conjunction with The CAPN to transfer routes.

Please note that we have not tested any of these applications and can not guarantee their suitability.


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