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Resetting Network Switch Boxes and other 12v Power components

Created: 08/30/2006


Breaking the Ground


Some accessories used with Maptech Navigation Computers, such as 3D Fish Finder "black boxes" and 6-Port Network Switch Boxes can, under certain conditions need to be reset. However, simply powering off these devices (at the circuit breaker, for example) may not be sufficient, since the "ground" will remain connected and can hinder the reset process.

Thus, if an accessory component needs a full reset, be sure to physically disconnect (unplug) its connection to the 12v power source. This will guarantee that the ground is broken, and complete the reset process.

For example, a 6-Port Network Switch Box may show all lights "on" - which indicates an error condition requiring a reset. However, unless the ground is broken, this reset may not occur.


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