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Chart Downloads for non-US waters from Marineplanner.com

Created: 10/26/2006


Non-US charts are no longer available for download.


When Marineplanner.com was first introduced by iMaps, charts outside of U.S. waters were made available for download based upon a subscription fee. Maptech acquired iMaps (and Marineplanner.com) in the spring of 2006, but our existing agreements for the distribution of charts outside of U.S. waters specifically prohibit online/internet distribution. Since Maptech is bound by these agreements with the various international hydrographic offices (such as the British Admiralty) we were compelled to discontinue the practice of downloading charts outside of U.S. waters via Marineplanner.com.

Concurrent to this decision, Maptech has also discontinued charging any fee to use Marineplanner.com. All of its features (and downloads for charts within the U.S.) are available for all.

Those seeking charts outside of US waters are encouraged to examine Maptech's line of BSB charts available across the globe at: http://www.maptech.com/water/digitalcharts/index.cfm?infopg=buy

Meanwhile, Maptech has many exciting plans for Marineplanner.com. We are actively developing a new edition of the web site and hope to launch it in the Spring of 2007. We are quite excited about the changes and improvements and are confident that Internet-savvy boaters will find the new site extremely useful.


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