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6c. What COM Ports are valid for use with The CAPN?

Created: 11/09/2006
Modified: 08/27/2007


GPS Troubleshooting: The CAPN does not support COM 10 or higher (pre v8.3.20a)


Please note that versions of The CAPN prior to v8.3.20a do not support COM ports greater than 9.

We have since lifted this restriction with the release of The CAPN v8.3.20a.
Please click here to download this update.

Until you are fully updated to the latest version of The CAPN, and your USB-to-Serial adapter or other GPS device has specified a port of 10 or higher, you can usually use Device Manager to reset its Port Settings.

To reset the Port Settings:
- Open Device Manager from the Control Panel.
- Click on the + next to Ports (COM & LPT) to reveal all established COM Ports.
- Right click on the listing of your GPS or Serial - USB adapter and choose Properties.
- Click on the Port Settings tab, then the Advanced button.
- In the lower left of this window you will see a field with a selectable COM Port number.
- Change the existing number to one that is between COM1 - COM9 and that is open.
- Click OK, and then OK again. Close Device Manager.

Open The CAPN again, and press Find GPS.

For more information or assistance, please contact the manufacturer of the USB-to-Serial adapter, Multiplexer, USB GPS, or other device that is setting the COM port to the higher value.


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