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Displaying Photo Image Charts in The CAPN

Created: 11/15/2006
Modified: 11/15/2006


Different Chart Formats
The CAPN U.S. DVD Regions that accompany The CAPN feature more than the traditional NOAA Raster Nautical Charts. They also contain vector charts (in DNC and S-57 format), 3D Data, and Photo Image Charts. Because of the non-traditional nature of Photo Image Charts, there are several steps required to display them in The CAPN.

To install the Photo Image Charts, exit The CAPN and insert the CD labeled: THE CAPN SOFTWARE, U.S. DVD INSTALLER. Press Install Raster and Vector Charts, plus Photo Images, select the Region(s) you wish to obtain Photo Image Charts, and press Copy Selected DVDs to your Computer.

For each DVD selected, if there are Photo Image Charts available on that DVD, a checkbox for Photo Images will appear. Select it:

Then press Install this DVD to complete the installation process.

Finding the Photo Image Charts
Start The CAPN, and select Set or Refresh Chart Paths from the Charts menu. Press Find Charts to update the list of chart paths then press Save This List. The CAPN will now be able to locate your newly installed Photo Image Charts.

Opening the Photo Image Charts
From the Charts menu in The CAPN, select General Chart Options and Chart Types to Display. Ensure the Ortho Photo Raster Images option is checked On and press OK. Finally, right click in the chart display window, choose Options, and uncheck This View - Hide Photo Charts.

As you zoom in and out, the Photo Image Charts will now appear. Please note that photos are not available everywhere - but are found in most popular boating areas.


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