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Daylight Savings Changes and Tide Display in Maptech Marine applications

Created: 01/03/2007


Starting in the spring of 2007, daylight saving time (DST) start and end dates for the United States will transition to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier (2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March) and will end one week later (2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in November).

So long as the proper patches have been made to the operating system of the PC running your Maptech Navigation software product, this change will not affect the proper display of tide and current information. In other words, the Maptech application relies on the PC's operating system to provide the proper time and date information. No changes to the software are required to ensure the tide display works properly following the adoption of the new DST in March, 2007.

That having been said, the operating system on each PC running a Maptech Navigation software application will need to be updated by Microsoft. For information regarding the distribution of this patch, please see the following web site at microsoft.com:

Maptech customers with a Sea Ray Navigator or i3 Navigation computer will automatically receive this update in the Spring of 2007 as part of a system upgrade mailing that will be sent to all registered customers.


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