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Chart Navigator Pro and Windows Vista

Created: 02/16/2007
Modified: 08/22/2007


We have done some testing with Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista, and found that Maptech Chart Navigator Pro seems to function properly.

If there are multiple User accounts being used, these instructions will allow you to run Chart Navigator Pro on Vista with a greater degree of compatibility

Here are instructions for modifying the folder permissions in Vista to allow Chart Navigator Pro to work with more than one user account:

1. Click on the Vista Start button, enter “C:\Program Files\Maptech Chart Navigator Pro” into the “Start Search” box and press the Enter key. This will display the folder containing the chart database file (and more) in a new window.

2. In that window, click the right-mouse button somewhere in the white space below the list of files and select the Properties command from the menu that appears.

3. Now click on the Security tab at the top of the properties window, click the Edit button (this will prompt you to log in as an Administrator and then popup a new window).

4. In that window, select “Users” from the list titled “Group or user names”, check the “Full control” box in the “Allow” column of the list titled “Permissions for Users” and click OK.

You can then close any windows left open by this process.

The only other issue, that Maptech is aware of, is that the default location for saving a NMEA log file is C:\nmea.log.
Vista does not allow users to create files on the root of the C: drive.
Chart Navigator Pro will display an error message and require you to choose another location.
You will need to specify a file name somewhere accessible such as C:\Users\{user name}\nmea.log

Should any other incompatibilities arise, we will be sure to publish an update.


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