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Funny Symbols (Boxes, Crosses) appear when editing the Route Plan

Created: 03/29/2007
Modified: 07/05/2011


There appears to be a compatibility issue with the Route Plan editor in Offshore Navigator and certain PCs. Specifically, when editing times, dates, and other information in the Route Plan editor, seemingly random characters appear, and it is not possible to make accurate changes. This situation only occurs in certain PC environments - and the Route Plan editor works properly on most.

This issue is under investigation by our development staff. We are working on a solution, but can not provide a time-frame when this may become available.

If you are experiencing this issue, here is what you can do to still use this function of the software.

A) Change the Cruising Speed in the Vessel Properties window to the desired
speed that you want the Route Plan configured to BEFORE beginning to make the Route.
(Vessel/GPS> Setup> Vessel...,
Vessel Data> Speed and Fuel > Cruising Speed.


B) To adjust Route Speeds after you have already created the Route,
change the set Cruising Speed as explained above, then
Export ONLY the Route(s) that you want the speed change to reflect.
(File> Export Date to File.
Only have Routes checked, and
Export only the Routes you want to reflect the new Speed value change.
use the Ctrl key to select multiple Routes

Once the Routes have been Exported, Delete them out of your current Route List.
Routes> Route List.
Select ONLY the Routes you just exported, and choose Delete.

Now Import the Routes back into your list.
(File> Import Data From File.
Only Routes should be checked, then click Import.
Select all the Routes that you had Exported, and click Import.

Now when checking the Route Plan, the new Cruising Speed with be reflected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


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