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I download a Maptech demo or update and instead another application starts to Install

Created: 04/23/2007
Modified: 04/24/2007


Other applications appear to hijack Maptech's installer


It has been reported by a handful of our customers that when it is attempted to install an update or demo from our web site, that another application runs instead. Sometimes this is an Anti-Virus program, or for some other Internet-based application.

Maptech has rigorously tested our downloads and can certify that they contain only Maptech applications.

There are two possible causes to having a non-Maptech application appear when attempting to install one of our downloads:
1. Temporary Files.
Because of the nature of self-extracting downloads, they may conflict with other applications that have been downloaded previously, in the event that the previous download did not remove its "Temporary Files."

To clean the temporary files on your PC:
Open My Computer
Right-Click on Local Disk (C:)
Choose Properties from the context menu.
In the General tab, select Disk Cleanup.
Follow the on-screen instructions.
Ensure that the "Downloaded Program Files", "Temporary Internet Files", and "Temporary Files" options are all checked for deletion.

2. Spyware.
It is possible that some other application has attached itself to your PC such that running a setup program within a self-extracting file (such as our downloads) triggers the spyware application. Be sure that your Anti-Virus software is running, and up-to-date. In addition, you may want to investigate some "Spyware" removal tools - as these are not always detected by the virus protection.


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