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Maptech Software and Mac OS

Created: 12/10/2003
Modified: 10/10/2011


At this time, we do not offer Mac versions of Maptech's navigation software products.

KPM Marine (Maptech Navigation) does offer a Mac Navigation package that comes supplied with MacENC (from GPSNavX) and all the official NOAA Raster and Vector charts of the US waters.
US Boating Charts for Mac

Many Mac users have reported successful use of our products with Windows emulation software such as Parallels Desktop 6. While we don't recommend or support this option, you may wish to investigate this further.

That having been said, here are two Mac-based navigation products that will read Maptech nautical charts. We have worked closely with these manufacturers to ensure that navigators who choose the Mac platform may also rely upon Maptech's suite of chart CDs:
- MacGPS

Also, there are Mac-compatible chart downloads are available from NOAA's web site.

Registering Charts with GPSNavX:
The folks at GPSNavX have provided this technical document that details the registration process. In our experience, we have also learned that unlike PC registration, the Product ID and Activation Code must be typed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in order to be correctly processed.


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