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Chart Discrepancy Reports

Created: 12/10/2003


Chart discrepancies must be reported to NOAA for correction


Should you see an object or item not plotted correctly when viewing a chart, you will want to report the descrepancy to NOAA so it can be addressed and corrected on a later chart release. Reports can be submitted a couple of different ways...

By contacting NOAA phone at 1-301-713-2770

By email at http://chartmaker.ncd.noaa.gov/ in the Chart Discrep section

Or by mail at:
Director (N/CS)
Office of Coast Survey, NOAA
1315 East West Highway
Silver Springs, MD 20997-1020

Information they will need from you will consist of Chart number and discrepancy (include coordinates, etc...)
Ideas for features that should be added along with any other comments
Your name and number or email incase they need to clarify the comments


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