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Installing Marine Facilities

Created: 12/11/2003
Modified: 12/11/2003


These steps are a walk through for installing the Marine Facilities to a system from CD


Go to the Locate Menu, Marine Facilities, and click on the "Setup Marine Facilities" tab

The Marine Facilities Setup window lists all available data files, both Files on CD and Files Installed on Hard Drive. From one of these lists,

** check AND highlight the file that you want to use**.

**Make sure that the file is not only checked, but also highlighted in blue.**

(If you select a file from the "Files On CD" list, that file will be copied to your hard drive, for easy access in future use. This ensures that any Marine Facilities data that you ever use will be on hand when you need it again.)

After you have highlighted and checked off the file in the "Files installed on Hard Drive" box, clicked on the "Read Checked File", selected Yes, and then clicking the OK button, you will be able to access the files that contain the Marine Facility data.

Select Display Options: The Marine Facilities in this list may be marked by symbols on the charts.

Display Marine Facilities: Check here to show marine facilities as symbols on the charts.

Display Marine Facility Names: The name of each facility will be shown next to its icon on the chart.

Use Facility Color for Name: The name of the facility will appear in the same color as its symbol.

Allow Facility Mark ID: When this is checked, the Drag tool’s hand symbol will change to an arrow when held over the Marine Facilities icon, so that you can then right-click to view the facility’s Properties window for additional data.


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