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(Posted Dec 16, 2003 7:58 AM)
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I'm in the process of completing my region purchases for the great loop trip. Looking at the following region I didn't find many charts at a scale to offer safe navagiation to a port.

For example
I was vewing chart region CDR7 Flordia East Coast & Keys on your web page. I noticed that one of my planed stops at Marathon
(24.42.556N 081.04.986W) there is not a chart giving enough detailed information to the enter the port.

IF you look at rgion #24 chart #1486_8 I can pinpoint my dock. (41.44.023N 083.27.443W). This chart detail (scale)is available for the entire region.

Am I missing something on your chart list(s) or will I also need paper charts?

Thank you, Ron


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