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      Ron Dudas
Original Message
(Posted Jan 7, 2004 12:37 PM)

Ed, Is there a way to see how big a Maptech CD is before installing?
I think I'm going to run out of room on my hard drive. My hard drive is 22 GB. I'm running XP 1800 + 1.52 Ghz, and 704 MB of RAM.

Do you know how much space it will take for the following regions (total) including the nav. and topographic maps?
R02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08, 09, 13, 19, 20, 22, 81,82, 83 & 84.

I'm thinking that I might have to get an external hard drive for my Maptech charts.

Thank you, Ron Dudas

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      Ron Dudas
RE: Hard Drive Space
(msg #1: Posted Jan 7, 2004 12:50 PM)

Ed, Hold off on giving me a reply. I'll get bact to you.

Thanks, Ron Dudas


      Ron Dudas
RE(2): Hard Drive Space
(msg #1.1: Posted Jan 7, 2004 1:15 PM)

Ed, I'm going about this the wrong way trying to load all the charts on the HD. Would it be better to only load the charts for my area and load the other as needed? If so, how can I delete the other charts I have loaded so far? Also, I can't figure out how to run a chart from the CD. The manual is not clear on this.

Thank you, Ron Dudas


      Ed Lecuyer
Space, the final frontier...
(msg #1.1.1: Posted Jan 7, 2004 1:49 PM)

The way that I would recommend setting up the system would be to copy the BSB/NOAA Nautical Charts to the hard drive and read the topo maps and navigation photos from the CDs. Doing it this way, you should have enough room for all your charts on the HD.

To delete charts, use the "Copy Charts to HD" tab in the Chart List. On the right side (where the charts already stored on the HD are listed) you can select the chart(s) you wish to delete, then press the Delete button.

To read any chart (or map or photo) CD, simply put it in the drive. The Chart List will automatically rebuild to include the charts now on that CD. Then they will be available as if they were copied to the HD directly.

- Ed Lecuyer
Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


      Ron Dudas
RE: Space, the final frontier...
(msg # Posted Jan 7, 2004 1:55 PM)

Great! In otherwords, if a CD is installed but not copied I will be able to use that CD untill I remove it.

Now how do I get all the topo & nav photos off the hard drive?

Ron Dudas


      Ed Lecuyer
Deleting Topos and NavPhotos
(msg # Posted Jan 7, 2004 1:59 PM)

Use the same proceedure for deleting charts that I outlined earlier, just select the Topos or NavPhotos in the list. Tip: you can sort any column in the list of charts by clicking on that column's title. Therefore, if you sort by chart type, you can quickly isolate all of your Topos and NavPhotos, then shift-click to select multiple entries in the list.

- Ed Lecuyer
Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


      Ron Dudas
RE: Deleting Topos and NavPhotos
(msg # Posted Jan 7, 2004 2:38 PM)

Ed, Thank you. I deleted over 4,400 topo & nav photos. That freed up 12 GIG of space on 4 regions.

Ron Dudas


      William Hoffman
RE(2): Deleting Topos and NavPhotos
(msg # Posted Aug 14, 2006 5:21 PM)


I need to solve a hard drive space problem and thought I would post a new message to this old thread.

I purchased Digital Charts for Regions 4, 6, 7, and 9, which I use with Raymarine RNS PC software on a Dell Latitude D800 with a 40 GB hard drive running Windows XP Pro SP2.

I have loaded all the charts, photos, and topo maps for Regions 4, 6, 7 & 9 and the hard drive is close to full. I bought a 200 GB external hard drive thinking I would be able to move the regions I'm not currently using to the external hard drive and retain on the region I'm using on the computer hard drive. As I change regions, I would move the charts for the new region onto the internal hard drive. I would prefer not to rely on the external hard drive to store the region I'm currently using, since any problem with the external drive or its connection means no charts for where I am.

However, I found that the names of the charts, topos and photos give no clue as to the region the chart, etc. relates to, which has stymied my plan. I recognize some chart names but not most of them.

Is there a list I can download of chart, topo and photo names by region?

I'm not sure that the strategy of keeping only the charts on the hard drive and using the CDs for the region I'm in will work with Raymarine RNS -- although I generally like the RNS software it is clunky on chart management. Any other suggestions for my situation?



      Justine Baldwin
RE(3): Deleting Topos and NavPhotos
(msg # Posted Aug 24, 2006 11:15 AM)


If you go to www.freeboatingcharts.com, you can search for chart downloads by region. When you choose a particular region, it will give you a list of all charts that are included in that region. You can use this as a reference and maybe just copy and paste the list into a word document for your records.

-Justine Baldwin
Technical Support Specialist


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