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      Martin Bardoe
Original Message
(Posted Nov 24, 2004 2:57 PM)

Hi Maptec Support

I have just tried to look ahead at the 2006 tide/current data but received a message telling me I would have to update my map software. Great I thought, just download a patch and away we go. No patches availible, you have to buy a new map. Not happy about that, as I feel tide and current data should be part of a members download.

Come on Team, give us all a Christmas present and make it a free download.

Martin Bardoe :)

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      Ed Lecuyer
(msg # Posted May 24, 2006 9:03 AM)

I suspect that the system is thoughouly confused. I suggest that now that the permissions appear to be set properly, reinstall Offshore Navigator and the chart CDs while the user account that you are intending to run in is active.

Don't uninstall first, just let the Installer rebuild all the files, and the Chart CD install the tide & data files. This should get everything working properly.

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


      Gordon Scott
RE: Reinstall
(msg # Posted May 24, 2006 6:17 PM)

Hi Ed.

I'm not sure what to make of this right now.

After the reinstall (as user but with administrator rights), ONL starts up at Salem Harbor and has tide information in that immediate area.

I did `locate vessel' and there's was no tide information for the Solent area. I closed ONL while I had dinner.

When I started ONL again, I went back to Salem Harbor and saw the tides present, however if I zoom out, the tides in the surrounding area are also missing. Probably that's expected .. these are, of course, the demo charts.

Going again to a Solent location, again I have no tide information.

All the permissions appear still intact. At this moment, I'm still running as a user with with Administrator rights, so it appears that it may not be just a rights issue.

I've now changed again to the administrator account. The administrator account still has tides in the Solent area.

I've also just noticed that there's contour information for Salem and not for Solent. Perhaps that's also expected?

At this moment I can't see anything else that might be helpful.



      Gordon Scott
RE(2): Reinstall
(msg # Posted May 25, 2006 2:40 PM)

I had another thought last night that it might be ownership rather than permissions, but I've tried that without success.

As this software has to be installed for each user and the data is specific to the user, there must be some place that the user-specific stuff is saved. Could the problem lie there? I haven't found any clues searching for user-specific file or in the registry, but then I don't know what I'm looking for.




      Ed Lecuyer
Now reinstall the charts
(msg # Posted May 25, 2006 5:10 PM)

I *think* the issue is that the data files for the UK Tides are installed into the Administrator account. To force a reinstall of the charts:
1. Log in the User account
2. Put the UK BSB CD in the drive.
3. Start Offshore Navigator.
4. Open the Chart List.
5. Open "Copy Charts to HD".
6. On the right is a list of charts on the HD. Find a chart that is on the CD and delete it.
7. The chart you deleted should now appear on the left "Charts on CD" list.
8. Ensure "Copy Other (non-chart) Information" is checked on.
9. Press "Copy All".

This should force the tides to be re-copied and reset.

Please let me know if that doesn't fix it for you.

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


      Gordon Scott
RE: Now reinstall the charts
(msg # Posted May 26, 2006 2:32 PM)

When I first tried this it said 7 files hed newer version on the CD .. that may be because I've just been trying the new Chart Navigator demo software? Whatever. I did the copy all. No success.

So I deleted _all_ of the UK files and copied on as above, including ensuring that the box was checked. This complained of a large number of missing .cap files and didn't delete the chart I had open. I movet to the world chart and tried the whole process again. Still missing .cap files, still no success after reinstall. Could the missing .cap files be the clue?

I tried the Chart Navigator demo again .. it said I had new charts, loaded them (or whatever it does) and it's tides remain intact. I still have administrator rights .. don't know if that's relevant with CN.

I logged out out and back in as Administrator. Administrator still has tides in ONL. Haven't tried CN frem here.



      Ed Lecuyer
Which Chart Navigator?
(msg # Posted May 26, 2006 2:44 PM)

Is this the Chart Navigator that is similar to Maptech's Offshore Navigator/Lite, or is it the Chart Navigator developed by Rose Point Navigation (as indicated on the Title screen?)

Let's take this conversation off the discussion forum - email me directly at elecuyer@maptech.com to continue.

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


      Ed Lecuyer
(msg # Posted Jun 5, 2006 4:58 PM)

In case anyone is following this discussion thread...

The case of the mysterious tide stations appearing/disappearing in Offshore Navigator Lite depending on the user login has been solved. Somehow, the "cache" that speeds up access and display of the tide stations became damaged.

To rebuild the tide caches, delete the following files:
TideStations200x.dat (for each year present)
CurrentStations200x.dat (for each year present)
TideCurve.dat (if present)

all found in the folder:
C:\Program Files\Maptech\Offshore Navigator Lite\DATA
These files will rebuild when Offshore Navigator Lite restarts.

Since this is the only time I have ever seen the need to rebuild these files, I suspect that this is not a common problem. However, I thought it was important to post this resolution in this thread.

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


      Peter Ulph
Tides and Currents - where did they go??
(msg # Posted May 31, 2007 3:50 AM)

I'm usung OSN v 5.08. and I have recently updated my tides and currents data from UK (memory-map) and I am still have this mysterious appearing and disappearing tides and currents issue - (currents do a regular dissappearing act) . I have looked thru the threads above - no success. The Memory-Map folks and website dont appear to cater for OSN. Am I the only one suffering from this?? Should I e.g. roll back to a previous version of OSN?....I am not sure thats even possible. Can you help?

Peter Ulph


      Robin Friend
RE: U.K. Tide & Current data updates
(msg #6: Posted Feb 22, 2007 4:42 PM)

Hi. In support you give options for updates for U.S. charts but no mention of U.K. tides, what is available, and cost please?
Robin Friend


      Ed Lecuyer
Please contact Maptech UK
(msg #6.1: Posted Feb 22, 2007 5:06 PM)

UK tides and currents are handled exclusively by our UK distributor: http://www.maptech-marine.co.uk/

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


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