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      Peter Dahlstrom
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(Posted Nov 11, 2005 2:53 AM)

Is it possible to start a route in the middle of it without the system tracking from the 1st waypoint?? On several occasions I have come on watch and have entered in a route. However the Navigator wants to start navigatin from the beggining. I either delete previous waypoints, or create a new route. This is cumber some, because sometimes I do not have the luxury of fooling with it and driving in some tight spots the we work in. With all the "goodies" Navigator has, you would think it would recognze where you are at from the gps signal, and navigate from there. Is there some way to do this that I've missed? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Capt. Peter W. Dahlstrom

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      Ron Dudas
RE: Is it possible to start in the middle of a route
(msg #1: Posted Nov 11, 2005 9:18 AM)


Not only is it very simple to do, it's a great feature of Maptech!

First of all be sure that the ROUTE IS NOT ACTIVE.

1) Place your curser on the route you want to change.

2) Right Click on the Route and select Route Plan... ,(your route plan window will open).

3) In the window that shows your "First Active Waypoint In Route" (it will say "Point 1"), click on the down arrow to the right and select the point you want (ie. Point 3).

4) Click on "Apply" at the bottom right and "OK". Every thing will close up and you will be taken back to your chart.

Now all you have to do is right click on the route you just changed and click on "follow Route". As per the example I have given above your Vessel will now show a active line to "Point 3" as the first active leg on your route.

Remember that this change will remain after you abandon your route and you will have to go back to change it.

Ron Dudas


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