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      Michael Kalb
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(Posted Oct 1, 2006 2:48 PM)

6 months ago, I purchased a Sea Ray 52 Sedan Bridge with Sea Ray Navigator. The software version is 2.5. My product ID is SRY-000-264-25R-7WV. I noticed on the web site that there is version 3.0 software. Several questions: 1) Can I simply upgrade my software to the new version? 2) I am trying to use Maptech Navigation software on my PC and transfer the waypoints to the Navigator on my boat. My boat, however, is not recognizing my USB drive. Is there a way to make this happen?

Thanks for your assistance.

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RE: Upgrade from 2.5
(msg #1: Posted Oct 2, 2006 9:57 AM)

Hello Michael:

We are going to want to ship you the newest version of the software. I am going to send you a seperate e-mail so I can get some additional information.

We do have an additional piece of software called the Sea Ray Home Planning edition that you can purchase to create routes and waypoints at home then transfer them to your navigator unit. The cost for that additional software is $299.

When you are on your vessel can you plug the keyboard in and when you hit the number lock key does the light turn on? We may need you to be on the vessel so we can try and run through some things. You can call 978-792-1035 for technical support. You can even call that number on the weekend if needed.

Jeffrey Atwood


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