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      Patrick Walsh
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(Posted Nov 14, 2006 9:22 PM)

I just noticed that The Capn exhibits a typical windows bug/issue when it is run on a dual-display system where the second display is an extension of the primary desktop. This is relatively new for most Windows programs, and many programs do not handle this entirely correctly. I am running 8,3.17 and will test with 8.3.18 as soon as the DL is complete. The Capn can be correctly moved to the second display surface, and can be maximized and minimized there correctly. However, all dialogs are created on the primary display surface - they should be created on the diplay surface that the capn is currently visible on - perhaps relative to the Capn's window origin would be good - there must be some assumption that The Capn is always on the primary display surface in the code now. Even Windows Media Player had to be updated to correctly display video on secondary display devices - so it''s a very common issue - but as diplays get more capable, we're seeing more devices with high-res primary screens and lower res secondary screens that are NOT identical copies of the primary display. ATI 9200 Graphics cards and Intel GXM Mobile devices all support the desktop extension modes - it might require cleaning every create dialog or create window in the code, but it's the right way to handle these. If you need me to test a fix, just send an email. I'll be boating all winter;) And The Capn Rocks - thanks for a great program Dennis. Best Regards, Patrick Walsh, Swampscott, MA

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      Ed Lecuyer
Thanks for calling this to our attention.
(msg #1: Posted Nov 16, 2006 9:19 AM)

I will add this to our list of things to try to address as we continue to revise and improve The CAPN.

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


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