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      Michael Kalb
Original Message
(Posted Feb 17, 2007 6:38 PM)

I am trying to install Sea Ray Navigator 3.5 on my home computer where I have the prior version of Sea Ray Navigator. Initially, rather than starting the Navigator, going to Setup and selecting upgrade, I went to the CD and selected the .EXE setup file. When it started, it advised me that if I continued, I would destroy my OS, at which point I selected not to continue. I then went into SeaRay navigator, selected Setup and then Upgrade. It asked me to insert the CD, which I did, but nothing happened thereafter.

Can you please advise if I totally messed this up or if there is a simple fix?

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      michael bogannam
RE: Upgrading to Navigator 3.5
(msg #1: Posted Feb 18, 2007 5:33 PM)


Is the installer disc you are using named:
If not, then you are installing the software that is meant for the Navigator on your vessel?

We have Sea Ray Navigator software that IS intended for your home PC, for planning purposes, it even comes with a USB flash drive that you use to transfer routes or marks between home PC and your vessel display.

Possibly you do have the Home Planing edition and you simply have confused the 2 different installers:
"Sea Ray Navigator Installer" -> intended for the vessel.
"Sea Ray Navigator HOME PLANNING Edition" -> intended for the home PC.

If that is the case, simply cancel what you are attempting and insert the Home Planning Installer.

-Michael Bogannam
Technical Support Specialist


      Michael Kalb
RE(2): Upgrading to Navigator 3.5
(msg #1.1: Posted Feb 24, 2007 3:32 PM)

Well, that makes sense. I do hav the home plannning edition, I thought the upgrade would work for both the home planning and the navigator. I only received the upgrade for the Vessel. Will I also get the upgrade for the home planning edition automatically, or do I need to call to get it since I already purchased the home planning edition?


      michael bogannam
RE(3): Upgrading to Navigator 3.5
(msg #1.1.1: Posted Feb 27, 2007 6:01 PM)

Nope, that is not an automatic mailing, unlike the process of us auto-mailing the vessel's Navigator update CDs.

I have placed an order for you to receive the Home Planning Edition update, no need for you to make an extra call to us requesting it.....consider it taken care of !!

BTW, the older Home Planning Edition will work just fine with the updated vessel software. The new version will however add in new Tides & Currents and I believe a few more other things.

As a last note, I am requesting we simply make the HP updates a downloadable file like our other software package updates. NOW THAT MAKES SENSE !!!

Best Regards, Mike !!

-Michael Bogannam
Technical Support Rep.


      James Machnick
RE: Upgrading to Navigator 3.5
(msg #2: Posted May 6, 2007 1:47 PM)



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