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      Theo Teazis
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(Posted Mar 6, 2007 2:55 PM)

I am in the process of purchasing a new 2006 550' Ferretti, which comes with the Maptech system. The dealer told me that the intalled Maptech is not the new i3 system. I have not seen the boat yet...
Can the Maptech software/hardware be upgraded? What are the differences between the previous and the current i3 model? What is the upgrade cost?

Thank you,

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      michael bogannam
RE: Maptech upgrade
(msg #1: Posted Mar 7, 2007 2:14 PM)

Hi Theo,

The software can be updated via a cd that we send out (or can send out).
We are currently on version 3.5.1 and just recently did a mass mailing to all registered users.

The next time you are at the vessel, turn on the i3 on, when you reach the main 6 panel screen; touch the large button named "i3 Navigator".
When this opens and you are looking at a chart, touch the "Help" button on the right.
Then choose "About i3 Navigator" or "About.."
Look in the lower right of the splash screen, it will list the version.

*If it is lower than version 3.5.1, I can send an update disc out to you.*

The hardware can usually be upgraded to a newer model, depending on the allowable and available room or space on your dash. The current model would have to removed and a Model 300 (available in 12" or 15") would be installed in it's place using some adapter cables that we would provide.. The hole size would differ so there would be some dash work involved as well.

Major differences between the Type II i3s and the newer Model 300 i3s hardware are:
*Processor speed and Hard drive space have both been improved,
*The entire US waters chart catalog is preloaded in the Model 300s (unlike the individually sold US regions for the Type IIs.),
*The touch screen is of a different nature,
*Model 300 Navigators also have the option to add video cameras and display those images.
*You can also project the screen images, from a Model 300, onto a remote monitor that you may have installed somewhere on the vessel.
*And overall screen size, 12" up to 15"

I suggest that you speak with your dealer about hardware upgrade prices, if they are unable to help, Please let me know and I will have someone from sales contact you directly.

Here are some dimensions and schematics on the new models:
Model 312 i3
Model 315 i3

If I can be of any further help, please feel free to contact me.

-Michael Bogannam
Technical Support Rep.


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