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      Alan Spicer
Original Message
(Posted Mar 26, 2007 5:18 PM)

* I'm consulting for a boat that has this error trying to upgrade Offshore Navigator. Support has already told him that Winbatch is used... I notice that InstallShield is used as well. I also notice that ISN_Update.exe is a Self-Extracting Zip Archive. I've downloaded that and extracted it. I do see the file "Setup.EXE" of the type "32 Setup Wrapper for InstallShield 3.0". So there is where the problem lies. We don't get any more information telling us why this is occurring. I see also DLL's for Wilson Windoware (aka Winbatch). SETUP.EXE has strings in it from Windowware/Winbatch so that must be how that thing runs.

I just wonder if someone could give some tips as to what to start troubleshooting? Could the existing installation of OSN have been installed as well by Windowware/Winbatch and InstallShield and something is corrupt? How to fix that?
I see an InstallShield Directory on the system. Is there a way to "clean up" all of this and start fresh? (Like Norton AV has a NONAV that cleans up any previous installs and removes it completely.)

Does Windowware/Winbatch just run from Temp directories or is it installed permanently on the system? The same question goes for InstallShield? I've even got got InstallShield Directory on my system... far away from the boat.


Alan Spicer (Marine) Telecom

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      Ed Lecuyer
WinBatch, InstallShield and the wonderful world of Windows.
(msg #1: Posted Mar 27, 2007 12:53 PM)

The way the OSN_Update application works is as follows:

1. OSN_Update is a self-extracting .ZIP file (with an .EXE wrapper) that extracts into the TEMP folder as defined in the system.

2. Once extracted, the .ZIP file runs the SETUP.EXE. This is an application that Maptech wrote using the WinBatch programming language (which we often use for miscellaneous release engineering tasks.) This SETUP.EXE replaces the SETUP.EXE that had been used by InstallShield 3.0.

[Side Note - Maptech has been using InstallShield 3.0 technology for most of its installation tasks for almost 10 years. While many more modern versions of InstallShield exist, we have not dedicated the resources into rewriting our scripts to take advantage of them. However, while the core InstallShield 3.0 technology will work under Windows Vista, the original SETUP.EXE will not (as it was a 16-bit application.) Thus, we wrote a new SETUP.EXE (using WinBatch) that will run under Windows Vista, and perform the same tasks as the old 16-bit InstallShield-supplied SETUP.EXE.]

3. The WinBatch SETUP.EXE performs the following functions:
a. Locates the TEMP directory as defined in the system.
b. Copies the following files into the TEMP directory:
_INS0432._MP _INZ0432._MP _WUTL95.DLL
c. Runs the actual InstallShield 3.0 core application: _INS0432._MP (while passing it the necessary parameters to operate properly.)
d. Waits for _INS0432._MP to complete. When done, delete the 3 files it copied to the TEMP folder.

4. Meanwhile _INS0432._MP (which is actually an .EXE application file) performs the actions described in the InstallShield script.

5. Once the installation is complete and SETUP.EXE terminates, the self-extracting .ZIP file cleans up its temporary folder and exits.

6. Any "InstallShield" folders on the system will be referring to a more modern version of InstallShield. They are now at version 12 and have completely rewritten their core technology. (In fact, no provisions were made to accommodate older scripts with their new technology - which is why we have continued to use version 3.0 for so long.)

Now that you know what is going on with the installer, I may also be able to give you some clues as to what is going wrong with the system.

First off, we have been using WinBatch for many years and have found it to be very robust and reliable for our release engineering tasks. In short, it doesn't fail very often, and I am confident that this problem is unique to the customer's system.

Since the whole process is dictated by Temp directories, I suggest that these be cleaned of all contents. Start with C:\Windows\Temp\ - deleting the contents of this folder. Then look in:
C:\Documents and Settings\ [each user] \Local Settings\Temp\
Again, deleting this folder's contents (repeating for every user listed in "Documents and Settings.") You may need to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" to gain access to these folders. If a particular file or folder will not delete - don't worry about it, it's probably in-use by an active application.

Once everything is cleaned out of the Temp folders, try the Setup again.

If it _still_ fails, then search the computer for "wbdDB34i.dll." This is the core interpreter for WinBatch scripts. It is possible that a corrupted copy is duplicated somewhere on the system in the global search path, and is interfering with the operation of the setup.

Beyond that, what is the exact error message that the WinBatch script is giving?

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager
(and Release Engineer)


      Alan Spicer
RE: OSN_Update: 32 Setup Wrapper for InstallShield 3.0 has encountered a problem
(msg #2: Posted Mar 28, 2007 2:45 PM)

Thanks for the information. That is the only error that we get

OSN_Update: 32 Setup Wrapper for InstallShield 3.0 has encountered a problem

It seems to be a common Windows dialog because we get an option to send the debug information to Microsoft. If we could get any other information out of Winbatch script it would have been *very* helpful.


      Alan Spicer
RE: OSN_Update: 32 Setup Wrapper for InstallShield 3.0 has encountered a problem
(msg #3: Posted Mar 28, 2007 3:10 PM)

I think we're going to end up wiping the computer in question and doing a clean Windows XP Pro installation. This to save time over trying to fix this, plus if fails wiping the computer anyway. He would have to pay me technical labor to do both of these phases. So we might just skip to the "wipe" phase instead.

Also FYI I didn't get the exact error, but the ISFixer.exe program also dies a similar death when we try to run it. I didn't record the exact error.

Alan Spicer


      Ed Lecuyer
I agree
(msg #3.1: Posted Mar 28, 2007 3:59 PM)

I think your best course of action is to wipe the PC. Without WinBatch working properly on the system, there are going to be all sorts of problems as this technology is not only used by the install wrapper, it is used in the installer itself (for two specialized tasks not possible in InstallShield) as well as the GPS Setup Wizard, and other utilities (such as the ISFixer.)

-Ed Lecuyer
Senior Customer Support Manager


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