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(Posted Aug 19, 2007 9:48 PM)

Every time I open the offshor navagator program, on my dell laptop, I get a message that says "Error Loading Routes Server!". The program then opens and functions well until I try and create a route. This crashes the program and I get to start over. This has eliminated a very valuable function - creating routes - from your excellent program. Any hints? Ty

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RE: Route loading error
(msg #1: Posted Aug 23, 2007 11:01 AM)

Ok Support, where is the help? Thanks, Ty

Ty Ebright
Belize 43 - "Fairwinds"


      Wayne Pearson
RE(2): Route loading error
(msg #1.1: Posted Aug 27, 2007 8:58 AM)

Hi Ty,

This sounds like you have a corrupt file in your   \data   folder.
A new installation of the program would solve this.

Try this:
  • Export all your existing waypoints, tracks, and routes
    via   File / Export data to file.
    The export file path needs to be outside of the program path.
    A good export file path choice would be your Desktop.
    So, "Browse" to your Desktop and save the export file(s).
    Export your tracks and routes as individual files, to avoid duplicate
    names that could result in jumbled tracks and routes.
  • Uninstall Offshore Navigator, using the "Uninstall" on your installer CD.
  • Install Offshore Navigator.
  • Import all your waypoints, tracks, and routes
    via   File / Import data from file.

Wayne Pearson


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