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(Posted Apr 11, 2008 9:41 AM)

I have purchased uk & Ireland charts dvd, my problem is the boats computer only has cd rom.
I have tried to install external dvd drive but the win98 wont accept the drvers. I also tried copying dvd to usb stick but same problem with drivers. I now hate win98. Dont want to upgrade OS as i also have an old version of maxsea on which i has lost disk for.
I was told the easiest solution would be to remove hard drive and install it on another computer as slave drive and the copy the charts on to it, would this be possible? if so how would i then get the chart into the correct folder?

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      Justine Baldwin
RE: no dvd drive
(msg #1: Posted Apr 16, 2008 10:37 AM)


That should be possible. You would still have to register the DVD, but install the charts into the folder that MaxSea looks at to find charts. I'm not sure what that directory would be and if you could possibly create your own folder and add that directory into MaxSea to tell it where to look. You will have to contact MaxSea tech support for an answer to that question. To run the registration program, go to Windows Explorer, right-click the drive the DVD is in and choose Explore. The next window will list all files on the DVD. Find Register.exe and double-click it to run. This will take you through the registration wizard. All chart files are found in the BSBCharts folder. You can copy these files to the appropriate directory on your hard drive once the DVD is registered. You also need to have at least version 10.2 of MaxSea in order for it to work with these charts.

-Justine Baldwin
Technical Support Specialist


RE(2): no dvd drive
(msg #1.1: Posted Apr 17, 2008 10:21 AM)

Thanks Justine for reply,
I am actually trying to get offshore navigator version 5.0 to display charts. I have registered the dvd. I then tried to 'add directory' in chart management but still nothing when i rebuild chart list. Which folder do i need to copy and where would i copy it to? there is several folders on dvd bsb, viewer


RE(3): no dvd drive
(msg #1.1.1: Posted Apr 21, 2008 3:34 PM)

Got problems sorted, I downloaded upgrade to OSN version 5.08 and everything now works perfect. Many thanks for help


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