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      Jack Irving
Original Message
(Posted Apr 29, 2008 8:51 PM)

I bought the 390 Sundancer new in 2005 and paid for the searay navigator to be installed. Last summer and now this spring I have started the navigator in the slip and gotten a blue screen fatal error.

The searay dealer that looked at it today says the hard drive is gone and they can send it somewhere in Colorado to be repaired which will cost me approximately $1200. I paid $14,000 for the unit. I was told that I had not gotten the extended warranty. I believe when I pay that kind of money for a product that it should last a reasonable amount of time error free. Will you stand behind this product and offer me a solution?
I noticed on another thread somebody else had the same problem. You spoke of sending a specific disk. There is obviously a problem with the system. I was told by the searay tech that he has observed this problem on several other searay boats.

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      Justine Baldwin
RE: Searay Navigator Blue Screen Problem
(msg #1: Posted May 7, 2008 2:04 PM)


There was never an extended warranty available for this product. The only other option you would have besides sending the Navigator to the manufacturer for repair, would be to purchase a replacement and the cost for that is $2995.

The issue where we would send a disk to update the BIOS is a completely different issue and does not apply to the error you are receiving.

-Justine Baldwin
Technical Support Specialist


      Donald Kilby
RE(2): Searay Navigator Blue Screen Problem
(msg #1: Posted Mar 3, 2009 12:00 AM)

I have a problem with my screen blinking and never cames on, will I need this Bios CD


      Jack Irving
RE(2): Searay Navigator Blue Screen Problem
(msg #1.1: Posted Jun 19, 2008 8:13 PM)

How about Maptech telling all the Searay Navigator owners that there is a problem with the navigator that nobody wants to admit. There are five boats that I know of in my marina that have issues relating to the blue screen error. I had the error appear in the summer season of 2007 and the navaigator when rebooted came back. This 2008 season the navigator is dead as in nothing. I have been given the option of paying $1200 for a repair that will not be warranted or paying $5500 for navigator 3 which would be warranted for two years. Yes, Maptech has been sold but Searay has its name on this piece of equipment. I paid $14,000 for navigation that lasted two seasons. Please forward the telephone number of a person in the Searay company that has the authority to make this right.


      Ralph Warmack
RE: Searay Navigator Blue Screen Problem
(msg #2: Posted Jan 7, 2009 12:00 AM)

The Navigator on my 2005 390MY has had an intermittent hard drive for a couple of years ... and the error finally became permanent over the New Years weekend. Have you had any luck with Sea Ray in fixing this problem?


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