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Offshore Navigator (& Lite) & Chart Navigator (Viewer): General: Offshore Navigator: Application Discussion: Off Shore Navigator doesn't like to play with Norton's Anti virus

      Mike Chernikoff
Original Message
(Posted Jul 30, 2008 2:17 PM)

Hello, I was having problems with Offshore Nav. 5.08. It would not keep the registry settings. I would install it on a XP machine over a network and it would work fine for the day. Then the next morning I would have to use the reg32dll.exe program to manually place back in the registry settings. I've read all the previous postings on errors and have tried all the solutions suggested so far. I un-installed Nortons anti virus, corp edition, from my machine and installed Offshore Nav 5.08 without any problems. It has run with out failure for over a week.

My problem is that I have to have Nortons Anti-virus in my work enviroment and I need to use Off shore Nav since we are a surveying company. Anyone have some ideas on how to get these two programs to co-exist.



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