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(Posted May 6, 2002 9:06 AM)
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I am having trouble opening my Maptech software. During the opening of the software, I get a "fatal error" message, and the software shuts down (actually, it never opens).

I would like to reload the software. My question is, if I go through the normal loading routine, will my existing routes be lost? If so, is there a directory I can save which holds my routes?

Also, are there upgrades available to the version 4.4 (2001 edition)?

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5.0 version of Chart/Offshore Navigator available
(msg #n/a: Posted May 6, 2002 1:57 PM)

Hello Eric,

What operating system (version of Windows) are you using?
Do you know the exact wording on the error message?
It may just be that you need to download the 5.0 software update available on this site to correct the issue.

Just using the un-install/re-install procedures should not effect any of the stored data (routes, etc...). These boards have a more complete un-install procedure that would eliminate all route data as well, so don't follow those. Once the software is running, we recommend using the File> Export Data to File process to back up stored data.

I would recommend obtaining the 5.0 update.


- Mike


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