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(Posted Mar 15, 2000 10:36 PM)
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I am running Cruising Navigator 4.1 and would like to upgrade to your latest version 4.3. I was told by a member of your technical support staff that night time navigation is supported as of version 4.2. My question is; after I apply the 4.3 upgrade/patch, will I have all the features of version 4.3? If not, how do I upgrade to your latest version?

Thank You

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Re: 4.x Upgrades
(msg #n/a: Posted Mar 16, 2000 8:12 AM)

Ever since version 4.0 of our Marine Navigation software, we've been on a mission to improve its reliability, usability, and feature set. 4.3 represents the latest in that effort, with a host of improvements over 4.0/4.1.

In a short while, we'll be posting a free update program for download that will update your copy of our marine navigation software to the latest version. Users of our land software have enjoyed this service for some time; and, I think, we are one of only a handful of companies that currently offer unlimited, free software updates.

Due to the complexities of our marine software, the release of downloadable updates has been delayed. (I was hoping to get them done 2 months ago.) It is, however, a very important project that I hope to complete very soon - certainly before we get into the midst of 'boating season'.

In the meanwhile, if you're desperate for the upgrade, contact our sales staff at 888-839-5551 and they'll hook you up with the latest version.

-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


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Cruising Navigator updates 4.1 to 4.3
(msg #n/a: Posted Apr 11, 2000 1:00 PM)

Mappers ahoy!

I was informed that the download update for Cruising Navigator 4.1 to 4.3 was supposed to be available by now.

Can you tell me when this will happen?


Mel Prober


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4.1 -> 4.3 update
(msg #n/a: Posted Apr 11, 2000 1:07 PM)

Ahoy Mapping Mate!

The 4.3 update program is in the final stages of being tested. As you can imagine, a single download that will update ANY released version of ANY of our products, to the latest and greatest version is a massive undertaking. Basically, we need to be certain that it works right before we send it out to the masses. Otherwise, such a program could potentially do more harm than good.

That having been said, keep an eye on this forum as I'll post an annoucement as soon as its done. Hopefully, it will be tested by the end of next week.



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(msg #n/a: Posted Apr 20, 2000 11:54 AM)

It's done *Finally*!!! You can now download the 4.3 version of Offshore Navigator, Cruising Navigator, Chart Navigator, Chart Viewer and Aero Viewer. This single download updates all of these applications to the latest version. Thus, if you have a variety of our navigation products, they will all be brought up-to-date with a single download.

In order to keep the download size reasonable (it's just under 7 MB), I elected to make the help files available as seperate downloads (one per product). Each help file is about 2 MB.

Thanks for your patence as we got this completed. This update program is dynamic - in other words, now that this work has been done, making further updates available via the web site will be very easy for us to do. So, keep an eye out for new versions that we may release from time to time. (I hear that a 4.4 release may happen in a few weeks.)

-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support

(Oh yeah, and the software engineer behind the "Maptech Update Wizard")


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Applying 4.3 UPDATE to 4.1 Cruising Nav
(msg #n/a: Posted Apr 26, 2000 10:20 AM)

Downloaded upgrade successfully and installed upgrade.

In first quick look thru there are enormous improvements---- great!!

I always make hard copy of complete manual--- when trying to print online pages the following:

If printing a single page everything works OK.---- however when using the "Print the selected
heading and all subtopics" -----that selected group prints OK however an error message is
generated "Internet explorer script error" ---

at this point no further printing can be performed----another error message appears stating "cannot print new
topic until current print job is complete"----- even though job did finish.

no printing of anything can be performed
the Cruising Navigator HELP is locked up and will not display any selections

The only way to recover from this is to exit Cruising Navigator and reopen program.!!!!!!!

**SUGGESTION** (not related to printing problrm)

Re: making printout of complete online manual---

Printing out the entire manual would be substantially improved by the simple expedient of formatting the
pages with appropriate "embedded page breaks" such that the graphics are not sliced up by machine "page breaks"

In this manner each topic would begin on a new page agreeing with the "Book Contents" list in help. This
immediately soves the indexing problem for each topic .

Additional benefit would be for any future editing of manual insertions , changes , and additions you make
could be added in ther appropriate slots without upsetting topics/page continuity.
be made

Mel Prober


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Help (Electronic Documentation)
(msg #n/a: Posted Apr 26, 2000 10:41 AM)

We are in the process (for the next release) of re-writting and re-working our electronic documentation. Basically, the technical writer who wrote the existing documentation has since left the company to persue other interests. We combined the land tech writting position with the marine position so that Maptech now has a single individual responsible for all of our documentation. Thus, the person who was writing for the Land software is now writing for the Marine software as well.

This is a very good thing since one recent reviewer of our land software referred to the documentation as "the finest I've ever seen".

So, we are in the midst of a major overhaul of our documentation. Since good documentation means less customer confusion - as manager of the Technical Support department - good documenation is high on my priority list.

I know this really doesn't answer your question, but please be assured that we are working very hard on the documentation, and the end result should correct your concerns.

-Ed Lecuyer

Manager, Quality Assurance and Technical Support


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Version 4.4 is now available - with new help! (n/m
(msg #n/a: Posted Jul 5, 2000 10:29 AM)



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