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Discussion Forum Rules

This forum is an open exchange of information, ideas and suggestions between Maptech customers and support staff. Its contents can be viewed by anybody through this website.

Forum participants are encouraged to help others with postings of their questions and experiences (which may include positive criticism of our products.) If you'd like to participate in a discussion, you will be asked to log in or to create a Maptech Web Account.

The forum is moderated by Maptech staff. In some cases, we will edit or relocate (move) discussions if we think it will help the general discussion.

We will modify or delete any postings that include inappropriate language or spam. Postings that misrepresent or unjustly criticize Maptech and its products are also subject to removal or editing (the latter being the preferred option.) When a discussion has been edited, the moderator will make a note of it in the thread. The moderator also reserves the right to 'close' a thread from further postings.

Please note that we log IP addresses of posters and will ban users who abuse the forums. If you see inappropriate language that we've missed, please email us at support@maptech.com.


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