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Please use the following information to contact the various portions of Maptech for service and support:

For ChartKits, Waterproof Chartbooks, Embassy Cruising Guides, and Companion CDs (featuring Offshore Navigator Lite and included with most ChartKits and Chartbooks) please call: 508-990-9020.

Regarding Terrain Navigator and Terrain Navigator Pro:
MyTopo is pleased to announce that we are purchasing the Maptech land navigation division. You can read a welcome announcement at MyTopo.com. Please stay tuned for more information as Maptech works to transition the Web and product infrastructure to MyTopo over the next several weeks. For Terrain Navigator and Terrain Navigator Pro support or any questions, please call 800-627-7236. Our fax is 866-207-0626.

For The CAPN, please call 703-759-2933.

For Maptech's digital marine offerings, including Offshore Navigator, Chart Navigator, Chart Navigator Pro, Sea Ray Navigator and i3 Touch Screen Navigation Systems please call 978-834-9953 for technical assistance or 978-834-9950 for sales inquires.

Finally, Pocket Navigator has been discontinued.

Thank you for your interest in Maptech's products.

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