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Depth Readings are Not Available

Created: 12/12/2003
Modified: 06/12/2007


When the Navigation Computer is not indicating a depth in the depth data window, first verify that the transducer is present in the hull. Clean the sensor surface if necessary (refer to transducer manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning technique.)

The transducer must not only gather information, but also transmit this information to the Navigation Computer. If the sensor is present and clean, the problem may be that the information is being gathered, but not transmitted. This could be due to a wiring problem, so be sure to check all connections and splices.

Finally, the Navigation Computer is equipped with special diagnostic tools for verifying data output from depth sensors. Contact Maptech at 978-792-1035 from your vessel and a product support specialist will work with you to determine the problem and find a solution.

Please note that it is very rare that the depth transducers themselves are defective. Please contact Maptech before returning a transducer that is thought not to be working properly.