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The CAPN: Version 8.3.20a - 07/26/07 Software Update

Created: 05/18/2006
Modified: 07/26/2007

The CAPN Update
This download is for customers with The CAPN whose version is 8.0 or later - and require the most reliable edition of the 8.x software. As chronicled below, there are a large number of improvements and fixes that have been added to The CAPN since the 8.0 release more than 2 years ago.

Not Available for Version 7.5 or Earlier
The current version of The CAPN is 8.3 and is available to customers with software older than 8.0 as an upgrade for $199 - which includes 17 DVDs of all the latest raster, vector, photo, and 3-D charts. Please call Maptech at 888-839-5551 for availability. DO NOT Install this update on top of version 7.5 (or earlier) of The CAPN - doing so will corrupt your installation.

Registration May be Required
Starting with version 8.0 of The CAPN, we asked that customers register their software before use. This process requires an activation code to 'unlock' the software for continued use. If you install this update on top of a version that did not require registration, you will be prompted to register. To register, please call Maptech at 888-839-5551.

How To Install
Click the link below. In most instances, your web browser will ask if the file should be Opened, or Saved to your computer. Choose Save, then select a location to Save the downloaded file In. If you are unfamiliar with downloading and applying software patches, we recommend choosing your "Desktop"; select Save In, Desktop and press Save. Once the download completes, double-click the downloaded application that appears on your Desktop. This will apply the download to your Maptech installation. Once that process is completed, you may run your Maptech application and (once working) delete the download from your Desktop.

Please note: Do NOT save this update in your C:\Capn Voyager\ folder. Doing so will corrupt your installation, which may require a complete re-install to correct. Instead, be sure to save this update to the Windows Desktop (or a similar location), then run the update by double-clicking its icon.

Release Notes
Version 8.3.20a - 26 July 2007
- Update tide & tidal current harmonic station data to 2007 data for Canadian waters.

Version 8.3.20 - 12 July 2007
- Update tide & tidal current harmonic station data to 2007 data.
- Fixed: Find GPS & Find AIS functions.
- Allow ability to edit GPS.ini file from Find GPS dialog box.

Version 8.3.19a - 01 March 2007
- Allow GPX route exports from the CAPN to be read into Garmin's MapSource Software.
- Update tide/current stations with 2007 predictions.
- Changed display tide/current stations from Station ID to Print ID.
- Includes Celestial files for CAPN Almanac.

Version 8.3.18 - 09 November 2006
- Under some circumstances, adding or refreshing the list of charts while AIS was active would cause an error. AIS now turned OFF temporarily until the chart list is refreshed.
- Fixed problem where Great Circle window allowed user to attempt to build route segments before the calculations were complete.

Version 8.3.17 - 25 July 2006
- Fixed problem with two dialog windows that were not returned to regular size when Capn was exited, and thus causing errors that would not allow the Capn to run.
- Fixed problem caused when user tried to assign the same COM port to both GPS and AIS. Fixed problem with setup program that caused error when using the depth strip chart. Modified code to fix problem caused when GoTo Lat/Lon window and vector feature on/off windows were minimized.
- Modified routine that checks for Coast Pilot files. If the Coast Pilot files from a Maptech chart CD are installed in the Capn's "CPilot" folder, you can get to the exact page in the Coast Pilot for the chart you are on.
- Changed the way AIS starts up. Now, if you had AIS ON when you exited the Capn, it will be on when you next use the program. You no longer will need to turn on AIS reception from the main menu.
- Re-arranged the main menu structure to better organize chart related options.
- Modified the Help menu to provide link to Maptech for information about getting additional charts.
- Modified the internet weather selection window to work with the latest version of Marine Planner.
- Streamlined the process of acquiring position data from an AIS unit that is passing through GPS sentences.
- Fixed problem with certain Gulf vector charts that contain tens of thousands of marsh symbols.

Version 8.3.16 - 25 May 2006
- Modified Route List window to allow the export of all routes as "GPX" files, which can be imported into the free EasyGPS application for upload to your GPS. (Visit to get your free copy) The Capn stores the GPS files in a folder called: "Routes_In_GPX_Format" found under the Capn folder. When you export your routes, a file is created in the Routes_In_GPX_Format folder using the date and time of the export.
- Rearranged menus to better group selections by category.
- Added new option under Charting->Raster Chart Options to allow the user to select high visibility colors for all raster charts.
- New fly-out menus for Raster Chart Options and General Chart Options added to the Chart pull down menu.
- Added quick Night Vision option to the Chart pull down menu for easier access.
- Move "Vector Object (Q)uery" option closer to the top of the chart window's right click pop up menu so that it is easier to access.
- Fixed problem with the status of D.S.T. showing next to the date for the graphical display of tides and currents.

Version 8.3.15 - 10 May 2006
- The Capn is now a part of the Maptech family.
- Fixed problem with newest version of Windows XP common dialogue control, used when you attempt to create a new folder during export of marks, routes, etc.
- Adjusted night colors module to handle new transparent windows, and to restore the correct icon for all Capn forms when night colors are turned off.
- Added support for Maptech Inc. Version 5 charts.

Version 8.3.14 - 04 Apr 2006
- Modified chart display process so that "holes" in NOAA's S57 charts are filled in with segments of of other charts. In many cases, NOAA has not digitized all the data on a chart, but only those portions of the chart that do not have overlap larger scale S57 charts. It's as if you bought a NOAA 1:80,000 paper chart only to discover large blacked out areas where NOAA has any chart at 1:40,000, 1:20,000 or 1:10,000. With this version, you will see such holes in the NOAA S57 chart filled with data from corresponding raster or DNC charts in your inventory.
- Minor program adjustments for Kirby Marine to better handle interaction with Kirby's own programming, and to deal with the Capn registration process.
- Fixed speed calculation problem when user starts a route "steer to" along a route leg, versus at a waypoint.
- Streamlined the process of checking for changes in the chart file paths.
- Added new control file (S57_Files\Feature_Exclusion.txt) so features can be excluded from the list of things found when the user askes for a vector query.

Version 8.3.13 - 27 Mar 2006
- Fixed problem in the display of tide and current trend when right clicking on a station.
- Additional S57 features supported, including chart notes and inset charts as produced by NOAA.

Version 8.3.12 - 22 Mar 2006
- Modify tide and current display windows to show times of slack, maximum flood, maximum ebb, maximum high water and minimum low water. Streamlined data entry for ship's own MMSI number in the AIS setup window.
- Improved display of S57-based chart features, plus redesign of the S57 object during query window to better prioritize the list of objects found.
- Added "feet" as a near distance unit of display for commercial operators on the Western rivers, as well as displaying the horizontal clearance for bridges.

Version 8.3.11 - 01 Mar 2006
- Minor modifications for commercial customer, dealing with data logged by a custom version of the Capn.

Version 8.3.10 - 14 Feb 2006
- Fixed problem in tide module relating to attempt by user to call up a tide prediction without first displaying tide and current data on the chart.
- Improved display of S57 features, and added ability to turn on/off both text and graphic portions of various S57 chart features.

Version 8.3.09 - 08 Feb 2006
- Improved support for S57 object display during production of SoftChart SENC chart files.

Version 8.3.08 - 26 Jan 2006
- Modified AIS target list window to avoid flickering.

Version 8.3.07 - 19 Jan 2006
- Modified AIS ship type module to properly identify tugs with tows.

Version 8.3.06 - 15 Jan 2006
- Fixed issue with AIS COG arrows when chart is rotated to course up for own ship.

Version 8.3.05 - 13 Jan 2006
- Fixed minor problem with turning off and on various features on charts created from NOAA S57 ENC data.

Version 8.3.04 - 06 Jan 2006
- Improved the display of raster charts when rotated to course or route leg up. The rotated display is now as readable as the standard north up display.
- Corrected problems with night mode display and printing.

Version 8.3.03 - 16 Dec 2005
- Added a new option under Charting Preferences Advanced Settings that allows the user to change the "Place Marks" button to a button that Suspends/Resumes Depth Alarms generated when the ship's minimum safety depth is triggered on vector charts.
- Enhanced the readability of raster charts that are over zoomed.
- Added routines to detect depth sounds and depth areas that violate the ship's minimum safety depth even if the topmost chart is a raster chart. You Must have Raster See Through turned on, but the level of transparency can be zero.

Version 8.3.02 - 07 Dec 2005
- Enhanced the depth strip chart window by adding transparency and by allowing the user to turn the graph display On or Off.
- Enhanced AIS support by allowing the ship's position to be received via the AIS "VOD" sentence when no GPS data is being passed through by the AIS receiver, or no GPS is
connected to the computer.

Version 8.3.01 - 28 Nov 2005
- Based on feedback from long time Capn user John Moorhead, we've added an option to the track right click menu that allows you to combine all displayed tracks into a single track file.
- Also, we added the ability to "Snap To" and "Grap Mark Info" when a waypoint is moved on top of a user mark. Previously, these two features were only available when you were in the process of creating a route.

Version 8.3.0 - 15 Nov 2005
- First release of Capn Voyager since being purchased by SAIC, which has more than 43,000 employees world-wide and annual revenues exceeding $7 billion.
- This version includes a new Tide and Current interface that automatically refreshes the list of tide and current stations near your ship for real-time predictions.
- Also, you can choose to refresh the display of tide and current icons as you move from one area to another so that they are centered on your present chart display.
- Added support for displaying photos and notes distributed with ENC style charts. The window that displays information about an S57 feature, such as a bridge, now contains buttons to view a photo or view a note if such things are available.

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Requires an Installation of The CAPN, version 8.0 or later. Windows XP or Vista operating system.