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User Manual: WxWorx 'XM Weather'

Created: 05/08/2007
Modified: 05/08/2007


User's Guide for WxWorx "XM Satellite Weather" Option
This document is the User's Guide for the WxWorx "XM Satellite Weather" option currently offered by Maptech for use with its Model 300 (312 & 315) and Type II Navigation Computers. Please note that this guide is authored by WxWorks, the creators of the WxWorks XM Satellite Weather option, and it generally refers to the system as sold for use on non-Maptech Navigation computers. However, it contains a number of tips and tricks, so those interested in the advanced features and options for the WxWorks system may find this document of interest.

For general instructions on the use of the WxWorks XM Weather option, tap the Help button that appears on the NavPanel of the Navigation Computer. Then, tap "Weather (Optional)" and "XM WX Satellite Weather."

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