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TopoScout and G-REF were replaced several years ago by Terrain Navigator. Since Terrain Navigator maintains compatibilty with the older 'US Topographic Series' map CDs included with those products, you may wish to upgrade. Terrain Navigator installer CDs are availble for a nominal fee, as are 'Geographic Data Enhancement' CDs that improve the accuracy of the elevation models used for profiles and 3-D displays. We will also be happy to expand your coverage area of maps, either within your state or across its borders. You may even want to consider upgrading to 'Terrain Navigator Pro'; however, older 'US Topographic Series' CDs are not compatable with the Pro version of Terrain Navigator. Please call us at 888-839-5551 to discuss your upgrade options and to obtain special upgrade pricing.

In the meanwhile, you may wish to check out Terrain Navigator's support options.

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