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Chart Navigator Pro & Chart Navigator Light

Chart Navigator Pro is the flagship product of Maptech's suite of navigation software solutions. Included with the Chart Navigator Pro navigation software is a set of DVDs that cover all US waters with Raster, Vector, Photo, Topographic, and 3-D Contour Charts.

Chart Navigator Light is the navigation software included with Chartbook Companion CDs for the Bahamas and Caribbean. It has many of the same features of Chart Navigator Pro - but without the DVDs of US charts. For details of the differences between Chart Navigator Pro and Chart Navigator Light, please click here.

Chart Navigator (not Pro or Light) comes in two flavors: a free Chart Navigator Viewer that can be used to display BSB format charts for planning purposes, and as a navigational solution featuring Maptech's Offshore Navigator, and DVDs of Raster, Photo and Topographic Charts. (Unlike Chart Navigator Pro, Vector and 3-D Contour charts are not included.) For technical support on these products, please click here.

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